UCAA Issues Guidelines for Reopening of Entebbe Airport

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) has developed Covid 19 air transport protocols that will be followed by Airport workers, passengers, airline companies and the service provides for the Reopening of passenger flight operations after months of a partial lockdown following the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic around the world.

Uganda like other countries announced it was closing its borders in March 2020 to minimize the spread of the Corona Virus Pandemic which has largely affected economies especially the Aviation industry.

However, as the World waits to find a sustainable solution to the disease, different countries are finding ways of reviving their economies under the “New Normal” by putting out protective measures and guidelines that can prevent the spread of the virus.

UCAA says the new measures is putting in place will provide guidance for all airport users and staff to guarantee their safety.

As part of the requirements, the Airlines shall ensure that travelers arrive at the airport at least 4 hours to boarding in order to go through the health and security screening requirements; all persons entering the airport shall wear Ministry of Health approved face mask, go through thermal screening, hand wash and sanitize hand and body at different stages.

More so, every traveler will need a COVID-19 certificate issued within 10 days before travel, observe physical distancing of 1.5m throughout depart facilitation chain to aircraft boarding, many of which have been marked and be screened for Covid 19 symptoms like fever, dry cough, running nose, general weakness, chills and for less common symptoms like aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, headaches, loss of test and smell, rash on the skin among others.

“The travellers who show signs and symptoms of communicable diseases including Covid 19 shall not be allowed to travel and will be taken for further checks and treatment,” UCAA states.

Protection for Workers


All facilitation desks/ counters (VIP, Immigration, Customer care, checking counters and security) used by Front line staff shall have glass shields, aviation security officers will wear gloves while handling traveler documents, they shall sanitize after handling documents and dispose of the gloves.

Airline staff shall use public Address system to give guidance, directions, security and health announcement in order to minimize interaction between passages and staff among other protective guidelines.


Human remains will only be allowed into the country if; one has a Medical certificate of cause of death, Post-mortem report or comprehensive medical report from the attending doctor /health facility, Embalming certificate (embalming may not be done for covid-19 bodies) and a Copy of passport /identification document of the immigration authorities).

“The owners of the body should also carry import license / authorization from the director general of health services, appropriate packaging-wrapped in a waterproof body bag then placed in a zinc lined coffin and an outer metal or wooden box and the accompanying relatives will be required to undergo quarantine and other procedures for incoming persons. The burials will be conducted following the existing procedures for scientific burials. For the bodies of covid-19 victims, the appropriate guidance will also apply.

“The relatives of the deceased shall contact the ministry of foreign affairs for guidance in coordination with the ministries of health and internal affairs,” UCAA statement adds

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