Ubos Report Shows Increase in Construction Prices

The Annual  construction  sector Indices report from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics shows that the  prices for the construction sector have gone up by 1.6% for the year ended in November 2017 as compared to the 0.1% for the year ended 2016.

The increase in the construction sector for the year reviewed was due to the increasing prices for construction inputs at the whole sector level.

Releasing the construction sector price indices at the UBOS head office in Kampala, Dick Wanasolo Wadada, a senior statistician at Ubos told journalist that prices for inputs for residential building, Nonresidential and civil works went up.

“Our findings shows that the Annual price of the construction sector went up due to an increase of 1.7% in prices of inputs for residential buildings, an increase of about 1.0 % in prices of inputs for nonresidential  buildings and an upwards of about  3.2% in prices of  inputs for the civil  works  subsector,” He told Journalists.

Some of the inputs whose prices went up during the Annual survey include Electrical wires whose price went up by 4.7% due to increase in the material cost, VC pipes which saw its price rising to 1.5% due to cost of production.

Other inputs, according to Wadada that forced the price for the construction to sky rocket, is the increase in the wages in the country.

“We saw an increase of 2.25% in wages due to the ongoing increased demand for wages alongside the hiking prices for lime which went up by 3.1% due to increased transportation costs and demand yet lime is a key factor in the manufacture of construction inputs such as cement,” he added.

On a monthly basis, the month of November 2017, prices of inputs into the whole construction sector increased by 0.3% compared to an insignificant change for the month ended October 2017.




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