UBC Journalist to Sue Kyaligonza, Bodyguards over Assault

The UBC journalist who was allegedly battered by the bodyguards of Ugandan Ambassador to Burundi, Matayo Kyaligonza on Sunday has threatened to sue the retired major general and his men.

Mr. Otai Deogratious, through Elau and Ochom Advocates has written to the Attorney General, Kyaligonza and two Military Police Officers; Cpl. Bushindiki Peter and Pte. Okurut John Robert informing them of the “magnitude of physical and mental torture he was subjected to during and after the assault.”

“Our client on the 24th day of February, 2016 while at the Centenary Bank ATM located at Fuelex Petrol Station opposite Tuskys supermarket in Seeta witnessed a police officer being roughly beaten by army men and another gentleman whom he later discovered was Maj. Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza,” said part of the letter.

Otai, through his lawyers, says he intervened as a journalist and a responsible citizen but was instead physically roughed up by the armed callous men.

“He was instead beaten up by soldiers in concert with the Maj. Gen. Kyaligonza who asked him in a high tone that ‘who are you?’,” added the letter.

“Our client as a result of the assault has suffered humiliation, embarrassment and ridicule in equal measure to his body and mental anguish and his body was besmirched, dishonored and or defiled contrary to the law which guarantees inviolability of a person.”

The reporter says he will be formally filing the suit  7 days if no “practical and satisfactory” measure has been taken against Kyaligonza and his men.

“We will commence suit against the impugned individuals as an institution and individually in the next seven days unless practical and satisfactory steps to atone for the dark events of that day,” concluded the letter.


Police on Monday stated that they are going to summon and possibly charge the retired general through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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