UAERA Dismisses Hon Nambooze’s Claims On Trafficked Girls


The Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies (UAERA) has sternly come out to clear the air on the issue that a Ugandan girl from Mukono by the names of Doreen Magezi was trafficked to Jordan and tortured by her employees.

UAERA chairman, Andrew Kameraho, says the organisation and officials from Marphie International Recruitment Agency, the company which took the girl to Jordan, were alarmed by a viral social media post by Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze who claimed that Magezi and other 22 Ugandan girls were trafficked and sold to Jordan by Marphie international to the highest bidder

Nambooze claimed the girls who were trafficked and sold in Jordan to the highest bidder at $3000 each had recently returned to Uganda on Air Dubai in extremely bad conditions with most of them at a risk of losing their lives

She further claimed that  Magezi was arrested and interrogated by the police once she landed at Entebbe international Airport for communicating the matter to Nambooze.

Mr Kameraho, while commenting on the matter today, said,Ms Magezi went to Jordan at the beginning of this year through Marphie.

He says however that after 3 months of working, Magezi claimed that she was too sick to work and asked to be brought back which the company did.

“I can firmly say that all claims were lies. We don’t know what Hon Nambooze intends to achieve by slandering Marphie, which is a fully registered and licensed company that has been following all rules and regulations and had evidently not done anything wrong” he said, while addressing the media at a presser


Ruth Tukahiirwa Karungi, the managing Director Marphie International Recruitment Agency noted that Magezi was recruited through a proper process after being trained and assessed medically and was proved to be fit for work.

She says, that according to information that the company has obtained, Magezi faked sickness so that she could return and be with the boyfriend and that it is the company that processed her return ticket and not Hon Nambooze like she claims

“Apart from that, I was at the airport when she arrived. She was questioned by police as is routine for all girls coming back so that any cases of mistreatment or non-payment can be cleared. When she arrived, she was in a stable condition, could walk properly and not in a wheelchair as per claims” she said

Tukahiirwa says Magezi  was improving from a sickness that she got while still in Jordan but was never tortured as Nambooze claimed.

Tukahiirwa adds she had reported a case of slander and defamation to police.

She also called on the public to differentiate between human trafficking and external labour recruitment which is a legitimate sector that is contributing a lot to the economy by providing paying employment opportunities to the youth and also contributing to the countries’ GDP through remittances made from diaspora

“I don’t understand why politicians and some Ugandans are against External labour recruitment. There are over 140,000 Ugandans working in the middle East. We are a productive sector. The people that we have taken to the Middle East are the people that are buying plots, building houses, starting business and meaningfully contributing to the economy. Be aware of politicians that have selfish motives and look beyond the hearsays” he told the media



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