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U.S Warns South Sudan on NGO Bill

The Prime Minister’ Press Secretary Josephine Mayanja Nkangi has come under pressure for creating what officials have described as an “unnecessary controversy” ahead of Amama Mbabazi’s handover of office on Monday.

Chimpreports has learned that due to her personal connections with the outgoing Premier, physician Nkangi had decided to invite only friendly journalists and a few officials to Mbabazi’s handover ceremony at the OPM building in Kampala.

This, stuff she reportedly explained, was intended to avoid journalists asking Mbabazi “unnecessary” and “humiliating” questions.

She also intended to lock out some Ministers from the function.

This investigative website understands that during a heated preparatory meeting on Friday at the OPM boardroom, most ministers disagreed with Nkangi’s arrangement before tasking her to explain why she was behaving in a “funny manner.”

According to sources, four ministers were unhappy with Nkangi’s conduct.

They expressed shock that some invitations to several top government officials had also been cancelled under mysterious circumstances.

“She disagreed with all of us and could not give us answers why she doesn’t want all media houses to come and give us coverage the ways it is always done. Why does she behave like this is her personal office?” one of the enraged four ministers told this website on Saturday afternoon.


Contacted, the OPM Principal Communications Officer, Kyetume Kasanga, confirmed the unresolved issues in regards to the programme which he said they hope to work on by Monday morning – the very moment the event is expected to take place.

“Yes, the handover is on Monday but there is still a debate. We hope to finalize that day in the morning,” said Kyetume.

Following intense pressure, Nkangi on Saturday sent an email to all media houses: “By copy of this email you are hereby invited to the handover ceremony from outgoing PM, Hon. Amama Mbabazi to the new PM, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda. Kindly RSVP to this email by 8am, Monday 6th so we can keep you updated of any changes that may arise.”

She added: “Kindly also inform any team members that we may have left out in error.”

Mbabazi was humiliated with a sacking letter a fortnight ago and replaced by Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.

It is thought Mbabazi and his allies have been working clandestinely to oust Museveni in the 2016 presidential elections, a charge he denies.

The relations between Mbabazi and Museveni remain frosty with fears that Mbabazi faces corruption charges in the near future.
The United States of America has warned South Sudan on the controversial Non-Governmental Organizations` bill which is currently being debated by the National Legislative assembly.

US government through States Department says the law narrows the space for the operation of NGOs in the country engulfed in civil strife where a large portion of the population depend on the humanitarian organizations from basic food items to shelter, visit education, doctor health services among numerous others.

The NGO bill from the onset was condemned by the civil society organizations, no rx religious groups and all SPLA in opposition splinter groups who all argue the government of South Sudan under President Salva Kiir want to technically outdo them in the running affairs of the world’s youngest nation.

“We are deeply concerned that the current NGO bill, as drafted, could restrict civil society space and hinder the formation and operation of NGOs,” part of the statement from State Department sent last night reads in part.

But Kiir maintains the Bill is intended to stop foreigners from interfering with the internal affairs of South Sudan.

The statement also categorically made it clear that US as by far the biggest humanitarian funder to hundreds of NGO`s in South Sudan, would not keep quiet when lifesaving humanitarian work is being trampled on.

“As the leading donor to humanitarian and development assistance in South Sudan, we are particularly concerned that this bill would further restrict the delivery of life-saving humanitarian assistance and limit the important work that NGOs are doing to promote health, education and overall development.”

The statement concluded by urging the Juba regime to work hand in hand with NGOs in the formulation of the bill before it is passed to law and also implored the government to respect the Transitional Constitution and international laws in handling critical matters.


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