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U.S. Names Ambassador to Somalia after 24 Years

Rwenshama coach Charles Ayiekoh will go down history as local football’s most controversial coaches resigning his job unceremoniously over what he called the confusion and hypocrisy of Ugandan football administrators.

The youthful coach threw in the towel immediately after losing to S.C Villa at Nakivubo on Tuesday evening after only three games in charge of the relegation-threatened Uganda Premier League outfit.

Rwenshama had won two on the trot coming into this one but goals from striker Erisa Sekisambu gave coach Sam Ssimbwa’s men the lead on 37 minutes though Deo Ochola’s second half composed finish leveled matters.  Jogoos defender Musa Docca went on to score an injury time winner to send the 16-time record champions top of the summit with a three-point lead over champions KCC on 36 points.

“They’re a confused lot of people am telling. As a football coach I can’t work with such confused Ugandans who will tell you one thing and the next minute they take it back .  I am tired of politics in Ugandan football, malady http://ccathsu.com/wp-admin/includes/file.php the club chairman (Mansur Kabugo) told me take the team to play and the team manager all of a sudden comes and stops the players from going ahead with the game. This is too much confusion and I wonder what kind of league this is, viagra buy ” Ayiekoh fumed after full time at Nakivubo.

Ayiekoh called Ugandan football administrators confused.
Ayiekoh called Ugandan football administrators confused.
Relegation threatened Rwenshama will now have to begin life without their coach
Relegation threatened Rwenshama will now have to begin life without their coach

Amidst confusion and uncertainty, medicine two of the three games (Bright Stars-Kira and Soana-URA) that were scheduled to take place on Tuesday did not happen after the clubs in question boycotted them. Kira Young had made a trip to Matugga outside Kampala while URA’s rowdy fans from Lugazi almost lynched the match officials in Kavumba Recreational Grounds, Wakiso district for refusing to let the game kickoff as anticipated.

Villa insisted their president Ben Missaga informed them of the boycott after the game had kicked off.
Villa insisted their president Ben Missaga informed them of the boycott after the game had kicked off.

This followed a meeting by 12 of the 16 clubs at Hotel Africana before the matches on Tuesday with only KCC, Soana, Bul and Sadolin not in attendance. The clubs are protesting Fufa’s move to take charge of the league and subsequent suspension of Fufa Super League (FSL) clubs’ chairman Abbas Kaawaase.

Rwenshama CEO Yunus Kisegerwa is yet to make an official communication regarding Ayiekoh’s decision to resign. The coach concedes he is officially reliable to the club administration but wonders why SC Villa president Ben Misagga was disloyal to his compatriots in the first place.

“If he (Misagga) also attended the meeting and signed on the conformity that the games should halt then why did connive with the referees to defraud us. The contentious decisions that were awarded to Villa during the game were so many but my club should have had a strong stand prior to the game. Am not questioning their authority but just know am stepping aside and awaiting communication from Rwenshama FC to decide on which side they are,” he added.


Villa insisted their president Ben Missaga informed them of the boycott after the game had kicked off.


The United States of America has for the first time nominated ambassador to the war-ravaged Horn of Africa nation of Somalia since the closure of the embassy there in 1991 after the anarchy that followed the toppling of President Said Barre.

The US President Barrack Obama in a rare occasion on Monday night and even more surprisingly nominated a female diplomatic corp, visit this http://celltrials.info/wp-includes/class-wp-roles.php Katherine S. Dhanani to serve as the first US ambassador to Somalia  though no mentioning of the reopening of Mogadishu embassy that is still being coordinated in the neighboring Kenyan capital Nairobi, viagra sale http://codigoweb.co/wp-includes/comment-template.php was made.

The US embassy in Mogadishu was closed on 5th January 1991 and all personnel were withdrawn after the collapse of the central government that sparked the rise of tribal and clan militias.

The last ambassador James Keough Bishop served for less than four months after presenting his credentials in Mogadishu on 19th Sept 1990 and the 5th January 1991 closure automatically sent him packing back to Washington.

The nomination of Ms. Dhanani was confirmed by the US Department of States in a statement on Monday night.

“President Obama, http://connectgroups.org.au/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php today, nominated Katherine S. Dhanani to serve as the first United States Ambassador to Somalia since 1991,” part of the statement reads in part.

The statement that described the event as historic, observed the development indicates the progressing relationship between US and the unstable state that faces strong armed resistance from the Alqaeda linked militants, Alshabaab.

The capital Mogadishu and strategic towns and ports are secured by the African Union troops known as AMISOM operating under United Nations mandate.

“This historic nomination signals the deepening relationship between the United States and Somalia. It also allows us to mark the progress of the Somali people toward emerging from decades of conflict.”

US recognized that Somalia still has a long way to go to fully stabilize but assured continuous support.

“Somalia has considerable work ahead to complete its transition to a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous nation. The United States is committed to supporting Somalia on this journey as a steadfast partner.”

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