U.S Commits USD62.7m in Humanitarian Assistance to Uganda

The United States government has Tuesday announced a USD 62.7 million donation to Uganda in humanitarian support.

According to a statement released by the U.S embassy in Uganda, the funds will go towards provision of emergency food, nutrition assistance, medical care and protection to those affected by food insecurity and violence.

The donation to Uganda is part of the USD639 million in financial assistance that the U.S is committing to war affected populations in South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

Uganda is currently home to over 1.3 million refugees and close to 1 million fled from South Sudan after a civil war broke out 2 years ago.

The refugee influx in Uganda has resulted into significant pressure on resources like land, water, food as well as services like medical care and education.

“The United States remains the single largest donor of humanitarian assistance in the affected areas in Uganda. And as this crisis has grown, so have our contributions,” the U.S Ambassador to Uganda H.E Deborah Malac said in a statement.

She added: “But the U.S cannot continue to shoulder this responsibility alone. As needs continue to arise, the rest of the international donor community particularly those who don’t historically respond to humanitarian crises must contribute more to prevent a border disaster.”

The Ambassador stressed that the lives of millions of both refugees and host communities Ugandans depend on additional support. Since 2016, the United States has supported Uganda with up to USD 187 million in humanitarian assistance for refugees.

Last month, Uganda held a Solidarity Summit that brought together international stakeholders including the UN Secretary General António Gueterres to mobilize financial support to cater for refugees.

Unfortunately, of the USD2bn that it (Uganda) required for a two year period, only USD (358m) was pledged that day by different countries, individuals and organizations.

At the same event, several participants including the UN chief Gueterres, U.S Ambassador Malac and Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo called on the parties in the South Sudan conflict to restore peace with urgency.

President Yoweri Museveni who co-hosted the summit appealed to the international community to assist Uganda to cope with the challenges of food, shelter, energy, water and education.

In addition, Museveni asked that support be offered in infrastructure development especially the roads within refugee hosting communities as appreciation of their generosity

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