Tycoon Haruna Pardons 6-Month Arcade Rent

City businessman Haruna Sentongo, the proprietor of Haruna Mall in Ntinda has announced he will not be collecting rent from over 120 tenants for six months.

The tycoon says this is meant to help the tenants revitalise their businesses that suffered badly during the Covid19 shutdown.

The pardoned months he said run from April to October 2020

Haruna says that ever since the businesses were opened up by Government he has been engaging the tenants to settle their arrears but they kept requesting him to pardon them.

The estimated amount of rent from this period amounts he said is about 1 billion shillings.

Over the past months, traders through their various Associations have been engaging government to negotiate with landlords to pardon them on rent because they were not working during the lockdown.

Many of the landlords however have insisted on collecting the rent arrears.


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