Tycoon Drake Lubega Fined Shs. 60Million for Manufacturing Fake Polythene Bags

The Standards Utilities and Wildlife Court has fined businessman Drake Lubega Shs60m for manufacturing substandard polythene bags.

 Mr Lubega, who appeared before the court on Wednesday, pleaded guilty to the offence under the plea bargain system.

According to prosecution, on August 6, 2019, a team of UNBS officials went to Mr Lubega’s Jesco Industries Limited, which manufactured plastic carrier flat bags in Bweyogerere, Wakiso district.

During inspection, they found polythene bags that were below 30 microns contrary to standards specifications.

 Mr Lubega, through his lawyer, Mr Adam Kirumira, pleaded guilty to two counts which are manufacturing the substandard plastic bags and making false representation of a commodity and sought for plea bargain.

“The accused is hereby sentenced to a fine of 2,000 currency points on count one (Shs40,000,000) and 1,000 currency points on counts two (Shs20,000,000),” trial magistrate Marion Mangeni ruled.

 She also ordered the convict to meet the costs for destroying the 4445 kilograms of substandard polythene bags of Shs2,622,550m.

Section 2 of the 2009 Finance Act prohibits the “importation, local manufacture, sale or use of plastic bags” as well as the “importation, local manufacture, sale or use of sacks and bags of polymers of ethene and polyethene with effect from March 31, 2010”.

The legislation followed a pronouncement in the 2009/10 budget by the then Finance Minister, Ms Syda Bbumba, banning the manufacture, importation and sale of polythene bags of less than 30 microns used “for conveyance of goods and liquid in order to protect our environment”.

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