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Photos: Tycoon Crescent Baguma Dies in Road Accident

Innocent Kusiima the NRM candidate for Maziba sub county LC3 chairperson has been disqualified by the Independent Electoral Commission from contesting in the 2016 general elections, information pills after it was discovered that he was below the required age.

This followed the complaint lodged to the EC Chairperson Eng Badru Kiggundu by the FDC candidate for the same seat Desiderius Biryomumeisho that NRM illegally handed its flag to a 24 year old.

Biryomumasho verified in his petition that Kusiima was born on April 5, information pills 1991, putting him six years below the threshold.

According to the Locals Government Act, any person to stand for chairperson for municipality, town council, division or sub county must be at least 30 years old.

“A person shall not qualify for election as chairperson of a municipality, town, division or sub county unless the person is at least 30 years and not more than 75 years of age,” dictates CAP 243, section III sub section (c) of the Act.

In his letter dated 27th November 2015 to Biryomumeisho the FDC petitioner, Eng. Dr Badru Kiggundu stated, “This is to inform you that at its meeting held today on 27th November 2015…the Commission reversed the returning officers’ decision to nominate Mr. Kusiima Innocent for the position of Maziba sub county, Kabale district.”

“Consequently, the nomination of Mr Kusiima Innocent stands nullified and by a copy of this communication; Mr Kusiima innocent is hereby informed.”

After the disqualification of  Kusiima,  FDC’s Biryomumaisho remained unopposed for the seat.
‘Wina Classic’ tycoon Crescent Baguma has died in a fatal accident in Kyegegwa, help Western Uganda, viagra 60mg Chimp Corps report.


Reports indicate the Land Cruiser brand car in which Baguma was travelling collided with a trailer along Kyenjojo-Fort Portal road in Kyegegwa.

Baguma is considered one the wealthiest Ugandans, having made a fortune in real estate and construction.

He owns several commercial buildings in Fort Portal and Kampala and a string of road construction businesses.

Police is expected to give an official statement later today on the tycoon’s death.

Several people reportedly got injured in the accident.

Baguma was the first East African to drive a hummer brand car.

RIP: Crescent Baguma
RIP: Crescent Baguma

He was known for his humility and amiable character.

Baguma looked after the needy and generously contributed to charity.

Friends say he was a man of good morals and got his bread from sweat.

Baguma lived peacefully with his neighbours, at times stopping his car to crack jokes with kids.

He fancied posh cars which saw him buy latest wheels on the market.

The wreckage of Baguma's ill-fated car
The wreckage of Baguma’s ill-fated car
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