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TVO Saga: Robert Shaka Indicted

Fresh charges have been slapped on sociopolitical commentator Robert Shaka, following his arrest and detention on Monday, his lawyers have revealed.

Mr Shaka, who is accused of promoting sectarianism in the country using his social media accounts, was picked up at his home on Monday morning.

“A group of 10 police officers from the Special Investigations Unit [SIU] intercepted and arrested Mr Shaka as his home in Kyaliwajjala,” his lawyer Nicholas Opiyo told press on Tuesday.

Shaka is believed to be behind the notorious cyber bully account in the names of Tom Voltaire Okwalinga.

According to his lawyer Opiyo, he is now being accused of “Using computers and other electronic gadgets to issue offensive communication against the sovereign State of Uganda, bring it to hatred and contempt, and promoting sectarianism centrally to Section 41 of the Penal Code.”

Mr Shaka is also accused of attacking the person of President Yoweri Museveni, the First Lady Janet Museveni, IGP Kale Kayihura and Hon Amama Mbabazi.

Shaka has for the last 3 months been reporting to the CIID Headquarters particularly to the Media Offenses Unit that had earlier granted him police bond as investigations went on.

His home was searched in February and several gadgets including a laptop, ipad and flash discs were confiscated by police.


Mr Opiyo expressed displeasure that Shaka remains in detention without any form of electronic gadgetry, yet the said TVO continues to operate his/her social media accounts embarrassingly exposing the baselessness of the police accusations.

The lawyer vowed to prove Shaka’s innocence in courts of law, if he is charged.

“His social media accounts are well known and don’t appear under any pseudo name as the police alleges. His unceremonious arrest and detention represents an affront to the freedom of expression for all Ugandans especially those using new media platforms to express their views,” added Opio.

Shaka’s arrest has also generated widespread protest over social media, with unending calls for his immediate release



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