TVO Reveals VOA Interview Topic Details, US Guarantees Safety

The underground social media informer who uses the name Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO) has revealed the topics he is going to address in his first ever media interview with Voice of America.

We reported Wednesday that TVO and VOA have been engaged in what has been described as highly confidential negotiations for the last five months.

Our reporter contacted the covert Facebook figure for a comment on the incoming interview which is scheduled for next week.

The location or technology to be used in the debate remains a secret between only TVO and few VOA officials in Washington and the U.S Department of State officials who have allegedly been involved to ensure the security of the interviewee.

The topic that TVO says he wants to address is the freedom of expression which he feels is insufficient and undoubtedly the significant reason why he has concealed his identity since he joined the social media website more than half a decade ago.

“There will be focus on the freedom of expression and the danger that people who speak out against undemocratic governments face, price ” TVO said.

The TVO’s Facebook account is well known for stirring attacks on government and its agencies, discount the ruling National Resistance Movement party and security organizations.

When asked, TVO declined to divulge information about his safety arrangements during and after the interview.
“On the issue of the measures taken for my safety…that is something that I cannot go into.”


TVO also told us that the Department of State is involved in guaranteeing his security. “There are some diplomatic guarantees and the US state department has some roll in it.”

It should be noted that the interview negotiations started the same month when U.S Embassy officials in Kampala walked out during the swearing in of President Yoweri Museveni for the 5th term.

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