Tumwebaze Blasts RDCs’ Corruption, Laziness

Presidency Minister has described as “corruption” the Resident District Commissioners’ failure to oversee the implementation of government projects for which they are paid and facilitated to do.

“Those of you who have been in the habit of absenting yourselves for prolonged terms without approval from Office of the President have exhibited the highest form of corruption by continuously drawing salaries and monitoring funds which you have not worked for, ” Tumwebaze said on Monday.

“I am therefore cautioning you against this vice. And I hope we shall candidly discuss this during this retreat. If you are supposed to be the chief inspector and yet at the same time you are the one who is perpetually absent, approved http://cyancdesign.com/wp-includes/class-walker-comment.php what then is the meaning of your work?” he wondered.

Tumwebaze was addressing RDCs, Deputy RDCs and DISOs at the Annual Retreat held at the National Leadership Institute (NALI).

The Minister’s comments come against the backdrop of complaints that government’s failure to monitor its service delivery chain was breeding corruption, impunity and abuse of resources.

Tumwebaze called for a robust relationship among security officials and administrative officers to prevent graft.

“The fight against corruption will never be successful if preventive measures are not well built. However much as the other anti graft institutions are vigilant, their work is always after the crimes have taken place and therefore somehow post mortem,” he argued.

“The real sustainable approach which will also simplify the work of IGG, CIID, AG, etc is strict inspection and monitoring in real time, that is,  right at the point of expenditure. You can therefore see how critical your role is.”

This year’s retreat is for the first time bringing together RDCs, DRDCs, District Internal Security Officers (DISOs) and Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) to boost their coordination with the view of achieving common goals.

Tumwebaze said the President asked him to challenge participants at the retreat on whether resources meant for their respective areas are put to good use.

“For instance, are teachers getting their salaries? Are the teachers teaching or are they spending the whole day under the mango trees conversing? Is the Operation Wealth Creation reaching the beneficiaries for whom it is intended?,” Museveni inquired.

“Monitor the roads and find out whether government is being overpriced. Find out whether medical and veterinary drugs are being diverted. All leaders at the district should make sure that the government programmes benefit the ordinary person. This is your primary responsibility.”

The President further asked the officials sensitise the public about how to live right.

“District officials should help government eliminate loopholes that can cause diseases or poverty. I urge you to work like you owe this nation a service. Building of a nation is not a duty, it’s a pleasure to all that love their country and there is no price tag to this. Therefore when you are at work, bear in mind that this is your Country,” he added.

Museveni also emphasised that the officials should listen to petitions from citizens, coordinate crime and intelligence reports with technical actors like DISO and Police.

Tumwebaze urged the participants to communicate government programmes and other messages of national guidance using airtime provided by radio stations.

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