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Tumwebaze Blasts Mbabazi “Childless Woman” Remarks

Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze has blasted Amama Mbabazi for “insensitive” attacks on women leaders, pills information pills http://clevelandheartlab.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-jitm.php Chimp Corps report.

Tumwebaze said Mbabazi describing a women leader as “childless” was “callous.”

During the recent presidential debate, buy information pills http://chistes-cortos.info/wp-content/plugins/tdo-mini-forms/tdomf-upload-inline.php Joseph Mabirizi asked Mbabazi whether it was true that he supported homosexuality.

In response, http://davepallone.com/old/wp-content/themes/thesis_16/custom/custom_functions.php Mbabazi said he was not gay.

“When I was in Lango, I found that one of the MPs Hon Amongin was saying that I support gays and that I am gay. So I made a public challenge and stated that I am a married man and my wife is a woman,” said Mbabazi.

“We have produced children and beautiful 11 grandchildren. I also challenged Amongin in case she had doubts, to put it to the test,” he added.

At this stage, Mbabazi had properly provided context to the accusations. Many gav

e him a standing ovation after this response.


However, some viewers including Tumwebaze say he played dirty politics when he insinuated that another female leader’s opinions about gays could have been influence by her childlessness.

“There is another person who I will not mention now, who has been going around on radios saying the same things and I want to challenge her. Gays are people of the same sex and that person I cannot be sure she is a lady,” said Mbabazi.

“I am not aware that the she has a husband I am not aware that she has children. When you compare me a married man with children and grand children and someone who is alleging things who doesn’t have any of those it becomes difficult.”

While he did not mention names, Mbabazi was thought to have been referring to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga who recently said he was a beneficiary of western gay lobbyists.

Kadaga last year confirmed to The Observer that huge amounts of money from the gay community were being circulated by Amama Mbabazi.

“Yes. The homosexuals are funding many candidates to come to parliament and alter the Constitution to permit gay marriage. That one is very known, I stand by it,” said Kadaga after the audio recording of her radio comments went viral.

Tumwebaze attacks Mbabazi

The Presidency Minister said his anxiety all along was about hearing from the various presidential candidates how they clearly understand Uganda’s bottlenecks that each of them seeks to fix, if elected.

He said the debate unfortunately was largely dominated by the usual emotive pronouncements of people like Besigye against the person of President Museveni.

“Worst of all,” said Tumwebaze, “was the man always credited for calmness Amama Mbabazi, when he lost it and veered off to trade into indecent personal attacks against Betty Amongi and another unnamed woman leader he described as a ‘childless woman’”.

Tumwebaze said, “These women leaders were not even part of the debate to defend themselves. It was sad. Shockingly, the moderators never rebuked him for digressing and disorientation.”

Tumwebaze said he was optimistic that “Ugandans will probe him (Mbabazi) further on views that concern respect for women.”

The comments have since sparked off mixed reactions from women; with some condemning what they feel were condescending remarks from Mbabazi.

Others said Mbabazi has kept quiet for long despite being labelled pro-gay and that he needed to put the matter to rest.

The Minister said Mbabazi in his “shameless rant to people who had no right to defend themselves on the podium, he demonstrated the highest level of insensitivity and zerosomeness. Instead of compassion, Mbabazi offered callousness.”

He added: “Is being childless, a moral or political issue to contest on? Was this the most critical national issue that he had to offer to the female gender? This confirms only one thing about his electoral promises. That all the talk in his manifesto about respect for women is a lie and a mask to con unsuspecting Ugandans. What does this say about the leadership character and authenticity of Amama Mbabazi? What does the foregoing transgressions and lack of policy focus mean for the debate?”

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