Tumwebaze Advises MPs to Take Abusive Rwomushana to Court

The Minister of Information and ICT, remedy Frank Tumwebaze has Thursday advised aggrieved members of parliament to seek court redress on the controversial remarks by former political intelligence officer, purchase Charles Rwomushana.

Rwomushana, on Thursday March 9 while appearing on a TV talk show, reportedly referred to female members of Parliament as prostitutes.

Parliament in a bitter mood ordered the Minister on Tuesday to report to the house today with a statement of action that relevant authorities are taking on the matter.

The matter in question was whether or not the language used by Rwomushana contravened any laws governing broadcasting standards in this country and in particular the Minimum Broadcasting Standards.

The regulator Uganda Compunctions Commission has power under the law to receive, investigate and arbitrate complaints relating to communication service and take necessary action.

Tumwebaze revealed that UCC, upon receiving the complaint, commenced investigations and is currently reviewing the content of the Frontline program against the minimum broadcasting standards and other applicable laws.

The final report and actions taken regarding this investigation he said will be shared with him soon and promised to accordingly inform Parliament.

He added however that Section 29 (a) of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 provides that the holder of a license or a producer of a station shall ensure that what is broadcast is not contrary to public morality.

“This means that the Commission can only take action against Broadcasting entities (licenses) and not the Guests they host directly.”

“However, any aggrieved party can seek redress in the courts of law against the utterances made by specific Guest speakers if deemed defamatory or otherwise.”

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