Tumukunde’s Second Home Cordoned Off In Kololo As He’s Closely Monitored In Hospital

Heavily armed Counter Terrorism Unit commandos and detectives from a joint security task force comprising of Police, Military intelligence, Joint Anti Terries Task Force (JATT) have Monday afternoon cordoned off another property belonging to Lt Gen. Henry Tumukunde in the upscale suburb of Kololo.

According to security sources, the property located along Kololo Hill Drive in the leafy suburb is one of the plash residences of the embattled army general.

At the scene, several police cars and a police security surveillance van have been stationed at residence.

This van is used for both audio and video surveillance of the scene where it is placed and its surroundings.

Heavily armed commandos are seen inside and outside the gate, which is attracting attention of the road users in the silent suburb.

This latest development has been confirmed by spokesperson Fred Enanga.

According to Enanga, the work of the task team that is actively investigating the alleged treason case against Lt Gen retired Henry Tumukunde is nearing completion.

Enanga however said that the flow of investigation was slightly disrupted yesterday especially where Gen. Tumukunde’s physical presence was required in another search that was to be conducted which is this residence.



“We could not go along with the search after he fell sick and was transferred to Nakasero hospital where he’s undergoing treatment,” he said

The task team managed to put facts that were gathered together and Enanga says the file is set to be forwarded to the DPP for perusal and legal guidance.

Outside that case, Police is also investigating nine other suspects, 5 males and 4 females who were arrested on allegation of obstruction of investigating officers who were on lawful duty.

Their file is also complete and is going to the office of the DPP.

“We have our teams that are still at hospital with him but also his family was invited to be present,” Enanga said

Meanwhile he also commented on the picture of the arrested General that went viral over the weekend.

“We would also like to clarify that there are people who were saying that probably there was some harsh treatment of the general when they saw some images when he was handcuffed in a sitting position,” he said

“We would like to inform you that the Lieutenant General was actually handcuffed during a search at his home because he was violent and aggressive and even shoved one of our officers to the ground.”

Therefore, the task team took into consideration of his military background and the violent actions he displayed during his arrest and in the course of the search so this provided detectives adequate ground to have him cuffed but they were not violating his rights.

He also noted that the law provides that if you have a violent suspect, you can handcuff him in order to subdue him until he’s calmed down.

“But of course somebody who is militarily trained, even the handcuffed may not be enough as he has a potential of accessing a weapon and can easily cause harm to those who are actively involved in the search,”

Relatedly, the military has also raided other properties including farms and country homes belonging to the embattled Gen. Tumukunde.

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