Tumukunde: The Desire for Peaceful Transfer of Power Drove me Into Politics

Independent presidential candidate, Retired Gen. Henry Tumukunde has said that his desire to see Uganda transfer power peacefully at a national level forced him into active politics.

Tumukunde noted that Uganda’s future lies in the hands of the young people whom he aims at preparing so that they later take over.

“I am a leader of all generations, I command and they act! Just support change, come January 14, go and vote and after protect your votes,” he said,

He made these remarks while addressing his Busoga supporters in Mayuge district on Wednesday this week.

“Don’t just vote for change, vote someone with the capability of transforming Uganda and its people to the next level,” he said.

“I know it pains you a lot to see only grown up people ruling you but if you vote wisely, the transition government will give you chance to also rule this country,” he added,

The former Security Minister noted that the January 14, polls is the most critical as it will determine whether president Museveni will rule us for 40 years or send him back home.

“Here alone, you are 9.8 million youths, and it is up to you to decide now,” he noted.

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