Tumukunde Rallies West Nile NRM Big Wigs

Presidential candidate Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has called upon a section of National Resistance Movement Bigwigs from West Nile to join in the opposition struggle to liberate their region, which he said has been sidelined by the current government.

Tumukunde made this call through Terego County voters whom he asked to convince their area member of parliament who also doubles as the Minister for State for Internal Affairs, Mario Kania Obiga to join the forces of change.

“Tell my friend Kania Mario Obiga that it’s time for change. He should join the force of change that is coming in this country after 34 years of total suffering, there’s nothing more that NRM can do,” he said.

Tumukunde noted that people in all the regions he has been traversing during his campaigns are ready for change.

“You the people of Terego District with that kind of poverty, if you can’t liberate your self who will liberate you? You the young District you need attention with special programs but you will not get what you expect to get when you are still under this dictatorship” he said.

Using the same platform, Tumukunde like NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine promised to ensure prompt payment of salaries for both retired and serving security officers, which he promised to day in his first 100days.

He also bashed the current government’s plans of curving out new districts and counties, without proper catering for them which he said has escalated poverty in the region.

Speaking to Muslims at Odopi mosque in Okanga village, Yumbe dostrict on Friday, Tumukunde wondered why the government has completely abandoned the area.


“You board Helicopter and cross Lake Kyoga, to only meet grass thatched houses, do you really like these types of houses, you deserve exactly what other regions are getting,” he said.

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