Tumukunde Apologizes to Luwero Residents

Presidential candidate and the leader of the Renewed Uganda pressure group, Henry Tumukunde asked for forgiveness from the people of Luwero for failing to transform the region in the last 35 years.

Luwero was the base of the National Resistance Army (NRA) which fought and took power in 1986.

Tumukunde, who fought in the war and has since served in various positions in the NRM government apologized saying the government let the region down.

“Let me start by apologizing because we have done nothing to show that we are in government on your behalf,” he said.

Tumukunde asked his supporters in Kasana Town Council, Luwero District on Saturday to desist from asking him about the promises that his former Boss, President Yoweri Museveni made during all his five terms in office.

“Give me the capability and demand from me whatever you want because there are somethings I see which would have been done, for example changing the status of this place as it is in other areas like Mukono,” he said

Speaking to traders, Tumukunde promised to build modernized markets in Luwero sub region,

“You have to leave these lockups, I will establish day care centers for children on each and every modern market so that breastfeeding mothers get where their children are cared for, as they work,” he noted.


He noted that these day care shall have three major classes; class one, two and day care; “I am 100% sure that you have no money for paying house helps to take care of your children.,”


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