Trekking The Great Lake Mburo National Park

It’s a new year and everybody is rewriting their resolutions and plans on getting them to fruition. For those that have travel on those lists, Lake Mburo National Park should be there.

The park is often overshadowed in the minds of many tourists both domestic and foreigners by the famous Murchison falls national park, Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National parks.

I spent most of my life as a child in the western part of Uganda, but it never once to drop by.

But thank goodness recently, as part of the Tulambule Uganda initiative by the Uganda Tourism Board, I finally paid a visit.

On this very Thursday, I and fellow travel enthusiasts took a smooth road trip to Mbarara.

Nothing beats the freedom that road travel affords, much less when you are traveling alone, as a family, or with friends.

The lash green on the sides, the different air, the quiet will all make you question your own self imprisonment in the city.

After about three hours, at Sanga trading center, we branched off for a nine kilometer bumpy ride toward Lake Mburo National Park.


At 370 square Km, Lake Mburo is among the smallest National Parks in Uganda but that shouldn’t fool you; it is beautiful.

Journalists chilling with the animals

Like they say good things come in small packages; that is true with Lake Mburo. Covered in dense acacia woodland over interlocking hills, it has an amazing fauna, unique from the rest of the National Parks.

The park has the highest number of zebras: about 5,000; Elands, Impala, Klipsringers, Buffalos, African Leopards, Jackals, Hyenas, Warthogs, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Waterbucks, Monkeys, Bush Babies and many more.

On the following day, Leopard Rest camp guide Denis took us for a nice morning hike to one of the hills just outside the park.

There we encountered and strolled among zebras, snapping selfies; quite a phenomenal feeling.

Bike and Horse rides

Biking with the Zebras

At a round noon it was biking time to the woods; an option for those that don’t like the walk.

Horse Riding safaris are another super relaxing experience and in the jungle. I had never though that this could happened even in my wildest dreams.

The game drive later on, introduced us to more and more animals, some grazing, others resting; it surely gave us a classical safari feeling.


A Uganda Wildlife Authority later narrated to us the story of the park, according tradition folk, which went something like this;

Long time ago there lived two brothers Mburo and Kigarama who both looked out for each other and reared their long horned cattle migrating, within the grass paddocks of the area living side by side in a valley.

Kigarama was the oldest and wiser yet Mburo was younger and stubborn.

Kigarama had a dream of a sudden water outpouring that was going to flood the land they called home and he thought it was a warning from the gods of calamity.

Lake Mburo

He told his brother the dream and Mburo did not believe him. Kigarama left the land and it was not too long when the floods began swallowing up the area and created swamps as well attracting many wild animals and birds.

Meanwhile Mburo lost all his property and Kigarama saved his property.

Boat cruise

The park is home to 13 lakes which cover 20 percent of its space and 50 kms of wetland connected to a swamp, giving the park a very high eco system in the park.

The park is also a birders haven as it home to more than 350 bird species many and we sighted many which l had never seen in my life including the beautiful African fish Eagle very faithful bird they only have one partner for life and where you the the male one be sure to find the female one as well.

Birds of Lake Mburo National Park

We were lucky to find a couple near their nested home and just below it was a bee hive which is a protection method they us since they can’t be attacked by bees yet other predators can be attacked. Wise!

The Egyptian Goose native to the Sahara and Nile Valley made its presence.

At 30,000 Ugandan shillings you get to cruise on lake Mburo and get to see very many birds, crocodiles and many more

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