Travel: Why Fort Portal is a Prime Tourism City

Located in the western part of Uganda, about 260 kilometers (3 hrs 30 minutes) from Kampala city, is Fort Portal the capital city of Kabarole district.

The city was marked the cleanest town in Uganda and is best known as a home of soft spoken, kind and loving people called Batooro.

The distinctiveness of the petty names known as Empako emphasizes the beauty of this land.

The moment you step in Fort Portal, you are welcomed with a great serenity, topography and unique features that will forever grasp your memories.

Fort Portal has Uganda’s most tourism sites perhaps the reason most people refer to it as the “Pearl of Tourism”.

Here are some of the features that make Fort Portal a tourism city.

Peaceful people

It’s no doubt Batooro are the most polite, peaceful, welcoming and soft spoken people in Uganda.


This invites more tourists in the area as the hosts are welcoming, entertaining and warm towards guest.

The Empako (pet names) makes them more lovable and easy to define, no wonder every guest leaves with one ( Empako).

The food which is affordable and extremely delicious also invites so many people to the area.

It includes, Matooke, Kalo (mingled millet flour), Mukaro (sauce made from roasted meat mixed with ground nuts) among other foods.

However the hotels around the area prepare a diversity of foods catering for all groups of people that visit the area.

Amabere ganyina mwiru

A site that tells a story of Nyina Mwiru. It is located at seven kilometers off Fort Portal town. It’s a quiet place positionedunderground and surrounded by hills known as Kalayango hills which are another serenity to look out.

On top of these Kalayango hills you get a sight of the whole of Kabarole district as well as a feel of Mother Nature

Robert Mirembe, a tour guide at Amabeere ga Nyina Mwiru notes that it’s a physical story of the life of Nyina Mwiru that attracts most tourists and students to have a visual sense of what they study in school.

In there are stalactites and stalagmites, Nyina Mwiru’s breast and her dog’s breasts all dripping milk, her bathroom, a great water fall that hits the ground with a great yet fascinating pressure making the entire place extremely cold and lovable among other amazing features.

Crater lakes

Kabarole and Bunyangabu districts have 52 crater lakes all together, all this gives it the spot of being named a tourism city.

The crater lakes give help in rain formation making and fertile soils around the area which makes that place great for farming.

Great security

According to Isaac Bahati an LDU, Fort Portal has the best security of people and their property.

This gives people the liberty to move freely without getting worried of being kidnapped, robbed or killed.  This invites more tourists as their security is guaranteed.

Good weather

Located in the windward side of Ruwenzori Mountain, Fort Portal is never too cold and never too hot. This gives the city cool temperatures throughout the year.

Karuzika palace

You won’t miss the site of this beautifully built and strategically located palace. Its built in a circular form and on a raise land just beneath the city.

The palace harbors a number of cultural symbols that describe the norms and culture of Batooro. Among these are drums, spears and other cultural symbols.

Tea plantations

Just after Kyenjojo district, you are welcomed with this man-made lush green Vega toon that covers a big portion of land on either sides. This gives it a unique and captivate scenery as the tea is planted in a uniform pattern creating enormous beauty.

These plantation emphasizes the fact that agriculture is the main economic activity in Tooro, that there is good weather and fertile soils based on how healthy the tea is.

Great accommodation

Every great tourism area should have good, safe and comfortable accommodations something that Fort Portal has.

The city boasts a number of classic hotels like Kyaninga lodge, Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru cottages among others that keep one hooked in the great features the area has to offer because of the unique features around them.

On top of the accommodation being extremely comfortable, they are also affordable which makes the place easy convenient to live in.

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