Training Workshop for Muslim District Zakat Officers Opened

His Eminence the 2nd Deputy Mufti Shk. Muhammad Ali Waiswa has officially opened a one day training workshop for Muslim District Zakat officers at the UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala.

The workshop which is currently underway in the main Conference Hall of the National Mosque was organised by the UMSC department of Zakat with support from Awtad Charity Organisation.

The workshop is running under the theme: “Raising awareness on Zakat is the way to fight poverty in the Muslim Ummah”.

In his remarks, visit the Deputy Mufti commended the Secretary for Zakat Dr. Ziyad Swaleh Lubanga for professionalizing the Zakat department.

He particularly commended him for issuing Zakat related booklets and guidelines which he said have increased awareness about the importance of paying Zakat.

He noted that the department should now focus on Zakat management and distribution.

“Some Muslims are reluctant to pay Zakat because they fear that it will be poorly managed or distributed” Shk. Waiswa said adding that;

“Today’s training and future trainings are important because they will equip Zakat officials with key management and administrative skills”.


He said that, sales the Zakat department does not only collect, for sale manage and distribute Zakat, but it also promotes family wealth creation especially during the current times of rampant poverty, draught and hunger.

Mufti Shk. Muhammad Ali Waiswa giving his remarks at the opening of the training
Mufti Shk. Muhammad Ali Waiswa giving his remarks at the opening of the training

The Deputy Mufti also expressed concern over reports that some individuals have formed personal Zakat groups that collect Zakat from poverty stricken Muslims.

He stressed that Muslims living under poverty should receive Zakat instead of paying it. “They can only pay Swadaqa but not Zakat” he noted.

The Deputy Mufti further spoke against the growing trend of obscenity and vulgarity in society noting that if authorities do not regulate such behaviors, the country is destined for many more crises.

The Secretary General Hon. Ramadhan Mugalu noted that once Zakat collection, management and distribution are streamlined and improved, there will be no more school dropouts for Muslim orphans, and needy Muslims will not go without food, because Zakat will be enough to provide for them.

The Secretary for Zakat Dr. Ziyad Swaleh Lubanga commended His Eminence the Mufti of Uganda Shk. Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje for pushing for a full and independent Zakat department at the UMSC headquarters and at all UMSC structures.

He outlined some of the achievements of the Zakat Department since 2015 which include; Drafting the Zakat Policy, publishing Zakat handouts, media and Mosque sensitisation programs, publishing Islamic calendars, distributing Zakat to the needy, engaging in wealth creation programs and building Mosques and boreholes.

The Director of Awtad Charitable Organisation Dr. Ayub Lubanga, the Secretary for Women and Youth Affairs Shkt. Radhiyyah Namakula, the Secretary for Awqaf Dr. Muhammad Bowa, the Director of Sharia Shk. Yahaya Ibrahim Kakungulu and the Secretary for Daawa Shk. Khatwib Mukuluwakika are in attendance.

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