Trahas Bedside Care Services Starts Operations In Uganda

With an intention of revolutionizing Uganda’s health system by offering home care treatment and bed side care services to the Population, Trahas Bed Care (U) Ltd on Friday officially opened its services in Uganda.

While addressing journalists at the Company’s Head office in Kironde road- Muyenga, Trahas Bed Care (U) Ltd’s Business Development Director, Edwin Basoga said home-care and bedside services have been lacking in Uganda.

“Many of our middle age and young generation nowadays work full time yet they have elderly parents to look after, young children to care for, sick loved ones to comfort and a host of unemployed dependents with varying demands, thus creating a need to have an independent professional and dedicated help from a known service provider to take care of them. That’s why we are here; to take home care and beside services closer to the said categories of people,” Basoga said.

Basoga said that “Trahas Bed Care (U) Ltd’s main aim is to bridge the missing care gap by addressing mainly  five key aspects such as; Physical care, Mental care, Health care, Nutritional care and any form of assistance that our care takers must handle while offering bedside care services to our clients at an affordable fee.’’

Trahas Bedside Care Ltd also targets families that do not have children or immediate family members to look after them in their old age.

To ease Service delivery to the clients, the Company has put in place many equipment but not limited to BP machines, Glucometer, fetoscopes for pregnant mothers, thermometers, telescopes, Wheel chairs and a 24-hour fully equipped Ambulance with latest Medical technology that helps in delivering its clients to specialized health facilities quickly.

Company’s Head office in Kironde road- Muyenga

Moses Batambula, the Company’s Director in charge of Administration said that Trahas Bed Care (U) Ltd is not a nursing Company but more of an agency.


“We only report to Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). If we were a nursing company that’s when the Health Ministry would come in to regulate us, we don’t administer patients or treat them because we are not a medical facility; we only take care of patients and organize doctor visits among others.”

some of the health equipment at the facility

He however said they follow all the regulatory requirements in the country and work in close collaboration with Uganda Palliative care Association.

Scolah Nakiyaga, a Senior Nurse in charge of Operations at Trahas Bedside Care Ltd said they have so far employed 20 professional nurses for the start to take care of their clients/patients at affordable rates.

some of the nurses at Trahas Bed Care (U) Ltd 

Incorporated this year, Trahas Bed Care (U) Ltd offers a professional touch in taking care of the sick, elderly and the disabled through services like Bed bath, Nursing care, Patient feeding, Physical fitness drills, Timely drug administration, Monitoring Blood pressure, Monitoring sugar levels, Monitoring temperature levels, Monitoring vital signs, changes and Postnatal care which includes care to babies and Mothers after delivery, care to Caesarean mothers after delivery among others.

All those services are done at a daily cost of Shs 25,000(24 Hours).



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