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Traders Vow Not To Hand over the City Abattoir to KCCA

The mid-western region has Friday morning been rocked by an earth tremor which left many residents wounded and others in panic.

The US geological survey reported on its website that the tremor measured 4.7 magnitudes on the Richter scale, price with the epicentre of 30 kilometres swept through Lake Edward and North West of Kasese.

Similar tremors were heard in 259 km North of Kigali, what is ed Rwanda 4 km South East of Margherita and Bunia Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It was also reported in Nevada at 2.5mg, more about Greece 2.1mg and in Japan and Iceland at 5.0mg

Many residents in Kabarole district reported buildings shaking vigorously before seeking shelter in plain areas.

In Kabarole, the tremor struck at 4:00am Friday. Many people reported some damages of their property and other sustained minor injuries.

Rose Murungi, a civil servant with East division Fort Portal Municipality, is nursing injuries at Fort Portal Referral hospital after she was hit by a falling wall in a house she was residing at Kitumba former Works quarters.

“I am feeling chest and head pains,” she told Chimpreports at the hospital. “It was a very terrifying moment for my family but I am glad we are all alive.”


Charles Sanyu Atwooki of Kaihokwa Kitumba East division is now homeless after his permanent house was destroyed by the tremor.

Sanyu survived with minor head injuries. Other 8 family members in the house were unharmed.

She says this is the second time his house is being damaged by the earth quake before appealing to government for assistance.

Allan Okello, the regional prisons commander, lost his vehicle in the tremor.

Charles Sanyu whose house was damaged by the quake showing our reporter the head injury
Charles Sanyu whose house was damaged by the quake showing our reporter the head injury

“My Corona Registration number UAK 279W was seriously damaged when the wall in the garage crumbled in Maguru South division,” he noted.

Officials are yet to receive reports of destruction of property in the neighbouring districts of Kasese, Bundibugyo, Ntoroko and Kyenjojo.

However, the quake sent chills down the spines of millions of people.

Interestingly, farmers said the earthquake points to a possible change in weather seasons.

John Mugisa, an elder in Fort Portal, predicted the earthquake could trigger a dry spell since the region has been experiencing heavy rains since August.

Although described as the heaviest earthquake in recent years, Mugisa said it does not match the tremors of 1966 and 1994, which wreaked havoc in the mountainous Rwenzori region.
Following the directive from acting Minister for Kampala, advice Hon. Henry Banyezaki ordering Kampala Capital City Authority to take over the management of the city abattoir located at plot 1-3 Old Port Bell
Road, viagra 60mg trader operating on the premises have vowed not to vacate, saying that the decision was reached without engaging them.

Wilberforce Mutesasiira, the spokesperson for the City Abattoir Development Association today told journalists that they were shocked by the news of the minister’s directive because all along they had been complying with the rules and regulations imposed on them by the government.

“It’s unfair for the Minister to order KCCA to take over the management of this place which we have managed well for all this long,” Mutesasiira said.

“It’s also not fair for somebody to complain of the sanitation of premises that he has never visited. We are willing to make improvements in any areas which public health officers from government point out as not being to the standard for handling food for human consumption,” he added.

Mutesasira added that, President Museveni has always urged that the first priority to develop facilities such as this should always be given to the original occupants of the facilities.

“This land does not belong to the Central Government, so it has no powers to decide on who should have control on it. Its only Buganda Land Board that has powers to lease it out to another developer,” Mutesasiira stressed.

Mutesasiira stressed that businessman, Bassajjabalaba’s occupancy rights on the land were also questionable since he had failed to produce relevant documentation to back them.

Mutesasiira also presented a letter from Buganda land board dated October 29th 2014 and signed by CEO Male Kiwalabye addressed to the Chairman, Uganda Lands Commission and Commissioner of Land Registration that states that KCCA was irregularly issued with a land title for the abattoir by the Kampala District Land Board which had no authority to the land because it was part of the Buganda properties which were confiscated from the kingdom and returned on August 1st 2013.

The Minister for economic development also holding the portfolio for Minister of Kampala issued a ministerial directive to KCCA ordering it to take over the abattoir and at the same time review the lease given to BHS, a company owned by city businessman, Hassan Basajjabalaba as one of the ways to address sanitation challenges and wrangles between the traders and Basajjabalaba

Mutesasira showing the letter from Buganda Land Board
Mutesasira showing the letter from Buganda Land Board
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