Trader Electrocuted in Luwero.

Viola Namugambe, viagra 60mg help a known trader in Kasana town in Luwero district was killed by electricity while she hanged her cloths on a wire line yesterday.

Namugambe, erectile ampoule 38, a resident of Kavule zone in Kasana was found lying lifeless with her one year old baby lying beside her body.

According to the police spokesperson in the region Lamech Kigozi, the trader’s body has been taken to Kasana Health Center III hospital as relatives prepare for burial.

Kigozi went on and advised public that this being a rainy season, they should beware of being caught up in such accidents.

In a related incident today, 2 people in Bwaise were electrocuted as they allegedly moved in the rain that today morning showered the place.

Earlier on, the public was cautioned avoid moving in the rain, because of the numerous expoles power cabled in such shanty areas


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