Trade Minister Kyambadde Urges Ugandan Traders as Situation Worsens in S.Sudan

Government has appealed to Ugandans intending to do business in South Sudan to explore alternative markets following the erruption of insurgency in the country two days ago.

The Minister of Trade, buy more about Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambadde has warned of the high
risk of losing life and property and advised business people with interests in South Sudan to desist from moving there.

“Following the fighting that broke out over the weekend, there I caution Ugandans doing business in South Sudan not to go there given the risks involved. Those that are already there should go to the Ugandan embassy and for those far from Juba should stay indoors in their homes, rx ” Minister Kyambadde told journalists at a news conference at Uganda Media Centre on Tuesday morning.

“Though many might take Juba as a lucrative hub for business, there’s no point in losing your precious lives. Let’s look at other countries under COMESA and those within the region.”

She revealed that government has began efforts to evacuate Ugandans still trapped in the conflict saying 30 trucks will be sent into South Sudan within a period of two days.

“The Juba airport remains closed and we can’t use air transport for evacuation. The main road to Nimule too is closed however our security is in the process of clearing the Nimule route so that 30 trucks can go in and evacuate our people.”

Kyambadde added; “It is important that they communicate with each other and our embassy to locate these vehicles.”

Meanwhile the government is finalising the process to secure funds which will facilitate the Ugandan embassy to provide food to Ugandans seeking asylum at the embassy. Reports say the number stood at 20 as of Monday. The contact person at the embassy is Agama Anthony the Foreign Secretary on +211925287500.


Asked about the impact of the conflict on Ugandan businesses, Kyambade said; “South Sudan is Uganda’s leading export destination and the instability that has re-errupted will hurt our economy as a whole” but couldn’t give an assessment of the trade paralysis since Sunday.

Uganda’s major exports to South Sudan include cereals, maize flour, wheat, motor vehicles (re-exports), iron, cement, vegetable oil, sugar, beer and soft drinks.

Millitary deployment by UPDF

Speaking to journalists after the news conference, government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said Uganda is barred by the 2015 agreement from deploying in South Sudan.

“According to the 2015 Addis Ababa Peace agreement between Uganda, Norway, USA, UK and EU, Uganda is a guarantor to the agreement meaning it can’t be an enforcer. Unless this is reviewed, Uganda can’t be part of peace keeping in South Sudan.”

He said that government is confident that the South Sudanese army along with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) have ‘reasonable capacity’ to contain the situation.

“We hope IGAD will constitute a force for peace keeping. If Uganda is asked to be part of the mission, we’ll assess and make a decision.”

Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo speaking to journalists on Tuesday
Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo speaking to journalists on Tuesday

On the evacuation of Ugandans, Opondo said; “The assessment done by Uganda suggests that Lisitu which is 40kms out of Juba is still secure. UNAM will be able to provide security for Ugandans seeking to
exit South Sudan through Lisitu.

UPDF and police will safely transport them to Kampala before each individual proceeds to their destinations.”

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