Tourists accused of Inciting Violence Among the Batwa

DRC president Joseph Kabila has rushed to the volatile North Kivu area where he held meetings with senior security officials in the wake of two massacres that have sent shockwaves across the region, viagra Chimp Corps report.

At least 50 people were last week slaughtered by suspected Ugandan rebel group, store ADF operating from Eastern DRC.

Chimpreports understands that Kabila on Wednesday met with commanders of the 3rd Division, Interior Minister Richard Muyej and North Kivu Governor, Julien Paluku.

FARDC Generals commanding operations against rebel groups in Eastern Congo also attended the meetings with Kabila.

During his visit, Kabila urged commanders to “take appropriate measures” against insurgents in the region.

Kabila also met locals of Beni to listen to their concerns on land disputes and insecurity to contain the escalating violence.

He also conveyed his condolences to the families whose members were butchered in cold blood by the rebels.

Kabila’s Beni trip comes just a week after the M23 Movement condemned the government of DRC over its alleged “unacceptable laissez faire attitude” towards North Kivu after the Ugandan rebel group slaughtered scores of civilians especially women and children in the worst massacres since the year began.


The criminal attacks were perpetrated in the Ngadi and Kadou localities near the town of Beni, sparking outrage from the international community.

M23 which used to operate from Kivu said, “Our fellow North Kivu compatriots and those of the “Great North” are looking like orphans at the moment as they are suffering the abject cruelty of the ADF, a group which is murdering them under the incomprehensible and unacceptable silence of the country’s highest authorities.”

The group’s leader, Bertrand Bisiimwa told Chimpreports the killings in Eastern Congo were “predictable and therefore preventable,” but that the war-torn area “has not got a special attention from the Government to put in place a conflict prevention strategy.”

Bisiimwa observed that the area is known to be infested with bandits especially ADF, “an enemy well known for its recurring criminal activities against civilians for decades.”

He alleged the attackers were able to inflict considerable damage on the civilian communities because “they would take several hours killing people without any intervention by DRC forces. The criminal actions took place in an area concentrated with several regiments of the Government’s army and MONUSCO’s units which have been preparing for combat against negative groups,” said Bisiimwa.

Following the defeat of M23 in December 2013, DRC troops and a UN intervention Brigade decided to fight the deadly ADF movement.

On 17 January 2014, FARDC launched ‘Operation Sukola I’ against ADF in Beni territory of North Kivu Province to neutralize the ADF and its leaders, release remaining hostages and completely restore State authority in the affected areas.

FARDC claims dislodging ADF from their bases with heavy gun power.

Highly placed sources say over 500 DRC soldiers have since been killed in the war against ADF.

Pressure is mounting on Congo to fully clean Eastern Congo of militants occupying large swathe of territory and restore full state control.

Bisiimwa denounced what he termed as the “surprising and unjustified passivity of the MONUSCO and its Brigade’s response to the various negative forces whose neutralization is, however, the basis of its mandate granted by the Security Council of the United Nations in its resolution 2098.”
A section of local leaders in Butanda Sub County, capsule Kabale district have accused tourists for inciting violence among the Batwa community.

The Nyamiryango Parish Chairperson, Mathias Arinaitwe said that, tourists come in excited moods, and start donating huge sums of money to the Batwa which leaves them in fights.

Arinaitwe says that through these fights, many Batwa have lost their lives especially women and children.

He adds that despite them warning the tourists against the donations they have not listened.

Arinatwe however appeals to Government to regulate donations from tourists, in order to curb down the crime rate especially domestic violence that results from the donations.

The Makanga village chairperson, Pascal Byabagambi said that his village is the most affected one and adds that he has reported the matter to relevant authorities in Kabale district but hasn’t been helped much.

He also asked the tourist to always seek guidance from relevant authorities in the area to ensure that they maintain sanity among Batwa community.

The Batwa are an indigenous group in the forests of South Western Uganda who have served as an eco-tourist attraction because of their primitive culture and peculiar pygmy physical appearance.

A number of times they have been reported to have been harshly affected by the influx of foreign cultures which has resulted into a number of problems including high spread of the deadly HIV.

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