Tourism Ministry Targets 3Million Visitors in 2019; Politicians Urged to Get Off Streets  


The Ministry of Tourism has revealed it will be targeting an extra 1million tourists coming into the country in the 2019, a 33% rise from last year’s.

The ministry is still celebrating what has been branded as a remarkable 2018, which become Uganda’s best year in the tourism industry ever.

According to Tourism Minister Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi, last year about 1.89 million visitors arrived in Uganda, which was a significant jump from 1.4million in the previous year (2017).

“The 1.89 million visitors by the way are from the figures we got from Entebbe Airport alone. We are not counting those that come in from other entry points,” the minister said.

Minister Kiwanda Suubi

“In total we believe we exceeded 2million visitors last year,” he said. “Our target for 2019 is to add at least 1million tourists onto the current 2million. Remember our target for the year 2020 is to host four million visitors.”

The minister was speaking yesterday at the launch of this year’s tourism theme, “Sharing Our Story In Order to Achieve Bigger Tourism Numbers Through The Digital Transformation Era.”

In his speech, the minister said for this to be achieved, it is imperative that Ugandans strive to keep the country totally peaceful.

Minister Godfrey Kiwanda., with Uganda Tourism Board Marketing Manager Claire Mugabi 

“The country is in total peace; that has helped us, apart from the few political demonstrations that took place,” he said.

“I want to call upon politicians to remember that whenever you are doing your politics on the streets of Kampala, you are killing our industry. You are killing the jobs of Ugandans. Please bear in mind that this is our country. We need these jobs for our people.”

The minister also appealed to the journalists to portray the country in positive light and to promote Uganda as a great tourism destination.

Speaking at the event Uganda Tourism Board Marketing Manager Claire Mugabi said the previous year had seen historic increases in the  traffic the airport, new jobs as well as investments in the tourism infrastructure.


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