Tourism Ministry Endorses Nyege Nyege Festival

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities has endorsed the 2019 edition of Nyege Nyege festival which will be happening in September 5-8 at Jinja Nile Discovery beach.


According to the Ministry, the four day fun filled event will enable Uganda showcase its beauty and hospitality to all foreign visitors, thereby creating employment to the locals around Jinja and the nearby areas.

The Organizers and sponsors of the event posing for for a group photo
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The festival partnering with the Tourism Ministry is such a big thing following last year’s negativity the organizers faced from Government entities including the Pornography Control Committee headed by the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo.


Lokodo attempted to block the event, regarding it as evil. According to the Minister, the event supports all sorts of evil acts including open sex and indecent dressing among others.



In this edition,the event is also partnering with several touring companies in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa and Los Angeles to give visitors a chance to combine the festival with other adventures, from rafting to safari and mountain climbing, or simply relaxing and exploring what the Pearl of Africa has to offer.


Speaking at the launch of he event on Wednesday this week,Derrick,the brains behind the festival said that the festival has over the years contributed tremendously not only to the government but the locals as well in terms of creating employment before, during and after the event.


“We are so excited for this edition; above all we are excited about the kind of results that we receive from the festival both locally, in terms of employment and also Tourism.This year we received ‘Best of all Event of the Year’ award from the Ministry of Tourism.

We have also seen that artists, not only Ugandans but the whole of East Africa are tremendously benefiting from the platform.”


With over 300 performers coming from over 30 countries, in essence a true celebration of music, this 5th edition will explore the spectrum of alternative pop sounds from a new generation of African producers, including Ethiopian EDM sensation Rophnan and Ugandan dancehall Queen Sheebah Karungi among other finest artists.


It’s anticipated that this year’s edition will be highly participatory and interactive, with a special emphasis on building community and spaces that are safe and fun with care for the forest that hosts the event.


Ali Alibhai,Talent Africa boss said that the company is proud to work with Nyege Nyege that has over the years boosted tourism in Jinja,its surrounding areas and the Country as a whole.

Talent Africa Boss Ali Alibhai addressing Journalists on Wednesday this week at their Offices in Kisementi

Ali also revealed that the epic event will see over 300 artists perform in 5 stages, before thanking the Tourism Ministry for coming on board.

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