Total Restores 22 Oil Wells in Murchison Falls

TOTAL E&P Uganda has restored 22 Oil wells that were drilled during the Exploration period in 2012 at the Murchison Falls National Park in Nwoya district.

According Christopher Ocowun, the TOTAL E&P Public Relations Coordinator, the 22 Oil wells were restored back to the normal condition they were found, adding that wild Animals in the Parks are back grazing and living in the area.

Some of the restored Oil sites named after the Wild animals includes Jobi-east 1-7, Rii 1-2, Jubi 1-6 among others.

Mr. Ocowun added that, TOTAL E&P takes a lot of consideration on environmental conservations in the Parks.

He says the same soils and vegetation were the ones restored back when after the Oil exploration work was finished.

Mr. Andrew Dhamba Gwabali, an environmental and biodiversity Officer at TOTAL E&P says the company has not tampered with any natural sites like Wetlands and Swamps such as the RAMSAR Delta where aquatic lives like birds and animals live because they know it’s importance to the Wild Life.

Energy Minister Irene Muloni recently said Uganda should expect it’s first Oil Production from the Kingfisher and Tilenga Project in the year 2022, indicating a slight delay in the revised target of 2021.


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