Torturing of Suspects Affects Our Cases – DPP

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Jane Frances Abodo has come out to condemn torturing of suspects in detention, saying her office is entirely against the practice.

Abodo sounded the concern during a zoom conference meeting where lawyers Peter Walubiri, Henry Kunya and Pascal Kakuru raised concern about a number of suspects who have been presented in court in a poor health state.

Abodo revealed that torture has greatly affected State Prosecution in several of cases

“It spoils our cases; in most of the cases where we find that the charge and caution was obtained through torture we never bring those cases to court,” she said.

Abodo added that on various occasions the Prosecutors are not aware that certain suspects are tortured since they don’t meet them physically before being brought to court.

Shed assured advocates that her office is doing everything possible to end this practice, revealing that she has already written to IGP over torture allegations of one of the suspect who alleges that he was tortured while in Police custody.

The recent case of Mityana Municipality MP Hon Francis Zaake who was produced in Mityana Magistrates court in a poor health state, has brought back to surface the issue of torturing suspects.

On numerous occasions, various heads of Security Agencies have warned their officers against torturing suspects as a method of extracting information from them.


In July 2019, the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola issued a circular to all Police units in which he warned officers against torturing suspects. He pointed out that in enforcement of Human Rights Act 2019 all policemen found in violation of this will be personally liable for compensating the victim.


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