Top Things To Do In Entebbe

Entebbe; our former capital, home to Uganda’s single International Airport, and the president, is certainly one of the most beautiful towns in the country.

Situated just over 40 kilometers South-west of Kampala, Entebbe is a town on the peninsula of Lake Victoria and has beautiful weather year in year out.

It’s rather unfortunate though, that even though many tourists enter the country through Entebbe they do not have it on their bucket lists.

Same goes for many locals, given the struggling local tourism.

Even government recently eased on the traffic jam challenge which used to be a major disincentive by putting up the Entebbe express, there hasn’t been noticeable difference.

Trying to help the situation, in this place we shine a light on some of spots and activities that both international and domestic tourists are likely to enjoy while visiting Entebbe.

Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre

For decades, the major tourists focus in Entebbe was the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre which is also known as the Entebbe Zoo.

Writer feeding a Giraffe in Entebbe Zoo

The zoo is a sanctuary for a wide range of wildlife from Lions to Leopards, Giraffes, Rhinos, Elephants, Buffaloes, Zebras, Antelopes, Chimpanzee’s and many others.

The zoo is the perfect introduction to what Uganda has to offer in fauna and also ideal for a family day out and school.

Uganda Reptile Village

The Uganda Reptile Village is 3 kilometers off Entebbe road at Abaita Ababiri and is seated on one hectare of land.

The home was started in 2003 and it’s now home to 50 reptiles.

When you visit, you get a close up of some of the worlds deadliest snakes like Cobras, Mambas, Puff adders and Vipers.

Uganda Reptiles Village

Others species are Crocodiles, Chameleons, Lizards, Tortoises to mention but a few.

All the reptiles there are rescued or are injured and need medical attention.

Getting there may be challenging since the signage to the place is poor.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

These relaxing beautiful gardens were laid out in 1901 and since then have become a favorite spot for many, mostly because of their endless greenery and thick rainforest.

For birdwatchers this is the place to be as it has many bird species. I advise that you carry birding binoculars to view birds clearly. Some of the birds you may see are Wood Land King Fisher, Broad billed roke and many others.

You will also view Guereza colobus and Velvet monkeys.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

The gardens are also home to over 100 species of trees; well taken care of and preserved too.

International travelers are charged 5,000 shillings to enter and locals 3,000 shillings.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Established in 1998, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is currently one of the leading sanctuaries in Africa.

It’s situated on an island in Lake Victoria and surrounded by the calm fresh water 23 kilometers South East of Entebbe.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The sanctuary is home to more 49 chimps that are rescued and brought as orphans from parts of Uganda, Congo and Sudan.

It’s a 1 hour and 30 minutes’ journey on a canoe from Entebbe Zoo while on a speed boat it takes only 45 minutes.

International visitors pay 88 US Dollars and nationals pay 249,867 shillings.


When it comes to accommodation, Entebbe has several options catering for both high end and budget travelers.

For the high end traveler’s I recommend Imperial botanical beach hotel which is a 4 star hotel on Laggard Avenue.  Their rooms go for as low as 100 dollars per night.

Protea hotel Entebbe, Laico Lake Victoria hotel, Imperial Resort beach hotel, Malakai Eco Lodge, Hotel 7 seasons and many others are also available in the town.

Laico Lake Victoria Hotel

As for the low budget traveler, I recommend Entebbe Travelers Inn located on Portal road right in the center of Entebbe town.

There is also Boma guest house, Sky way hotel, Penguins hotel, Anderita beach hotel, Mosa court suites and many others


You cannot go to Entebbe and miss out on their famous beach life that caters for people from all walks of life, young and old.

Entebbe beach life

Few places can match the experience you will get from visiting these beaches from the white sands, to the calm natural weather and clean air to the food with fish as their major delicacy.

Some of the beaches you can visit are Aero beach, Lido beach, Lutembe beach, Bulango Beach and many others.

Most beaches charge a fee of slightly more then 10,000 shillings or less.

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