Top Rocking Photos At Nyege Nyege Festival 5th Edition

There have been events,call them festivals,carnivals,concerts and music shows among others,but then there is Nyege Nyege Festival.

Speaking of the event’s title alone ‘Nyege Nyege,’ could evoke many reactions from the public,as many take it for an immoral event.

We spoke to one of the Fans who asked us as to why the media tries so hard to make Nyege Nyege look a very dirty event.

The fan(identity withheld),told us that “Nyege Nyege Festival has been given names such as pornographic hub event where open sex is legal,drugs taken at any time among others.

But the truth is,Nyege Nyege is a good event that attracts many people from all over the World to enjoy their privilege of being in the lap of nature.

You can see how they are enjoying with friends and Family,no need to define their happiness as its evident.

Many are engaged in games while takibg their favorite UG cocktails at the Uganda Waragi tent,while others just roam around the area.”

We bring you the top rocking photos at the event that happened at the Nile Discovery resort Beach in Njeru.

This 17- year- old girl got everyone’s attention
Hallo,you said you will be buying for me liquor till we leave this place,now look, i don’t have anything here
Hello Jeff,she is now here,you had told me that you would pay for my girlfriend’s ticket if I brought in a girl for you

Uganda Waragi was the order of the day
Poet Philip Matogo having fun with colleagues

Couple chugged on UG cocktails

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