Top Highest Paid Comedians In Uganda Revealed

Uganda is known as one of the happiest countries in the world with hundreds of comedians who have chosen to put smiles on people’s face. Despite growing on a slow rate, some of the comedians in the comedy industry have learnt on how to earn big from their talents.

Anne Kansiime

Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne and popularly known as Anne Kansiime, is an entertainer, comedian, and actress. She has been referred to as “Africa’s Queen of Comedy” by many and surely kept her crown on for long.

With shows like ‘Don’t mess with Kansiime,’ ‘the girl from Mparo’ and ‘I am Kansiime,’ which was last hosted two years ago, Kansiime is one of the most paid comedians in the country.

According to sources it would take one over three million shillings and above to have her perform anywhere around the country.

She also acts in the weekly ‘comedy factory’ at the National Theatre.

Patricko Mujuuko

If you are a lover of luganda comedy, then you must have landed on CBS’s presenter and comedian Patricko Mujjuko. Commonly known for his ‘Akandolindoli’ show at Theatre labonita, Patrick is also an emcee who is liked mostly because of his fun and experience as a comedian.


 Salvador Idringi

Named the 6th funniest African man, Idringi Patrick Salvador is a Ugandan Comedian who mixes his English and Luganda jokes. The multi-talented comedian is always in and out of the country for different shows where it is believed he hooks lots of money.

Salvado holds two shows ‘Man from Omokolo’ and ‘Africa Laughs’ which always turn out successful with tens of sponsors and international comedians.

Alex Muhangi

The tiny Mukiga as he is commonly known, Alex Muhangi is one of the most paid and highly respected comedians in the country who has taken the industry to another level.

Muhangi holds a weekly show dubbed ‘comedy store,’ where he hosts different musicians and comedians and has for long been sold out.

He is also a sound engineer and an events host who earns millions in only one event.

Pablo Kimuli

Known as the father of stand-up comedy, Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo is one of the people that has kept his status high hence, earning a lot from his jokes. Despite not appearing on many comedy shows, Pablo hosts an annual comedy show dubbed ‘Pablo Live’ which earns him lots of millions. He is also an events MC who is said to be one of the most expensive one to hire.

MC Mariachi

The king of Luganda comedy Mariachi is one of the most loved comedians in the country. From the time he is splashed with money on stage while performing to asking for a lot before performing at an event, the slender comedian has kept his light shining for long.

Madrat and Chiko

These two define the meaning of duos as they have stolen hearts of many. The two comedians are always in and out of the country as they share their jokes around the world. The duo also have been hosting an annual show ‘Nseko buseko’ for two years despite not receiving wide attendance as yet.

Napoleon Ehmah

Yes the darkest comedian in the country is one of the many comedians that has been sought out for these days. Having caught people’s attention last year, Ehmah has been selling like hot cake from one comedy show to another which has made him among the top paid comedians in the country.

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