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Top FDC Shot Fights Besigye Over ‘Stolen’ Car

The former government of the Uganda People’s Congress has dragged its party president Jimmy Micheal Akena to High Court seeking orders to nullify his election that handed him the top office.

The petitioners led by former UPC party president Olala Ottunu also ask court to issue an order evicting Akena from the 6th, pills http://chopcult.com/wp-content/plugins/custom-facebook-feed/include/include/js/images/secure.php floor of Uganda house saying he forcefully took siege of it in June this year.

Akena has been sued alongside other six people including his wife who is also Oyam south MP Betty Amongi whom the petitioners seek to block from holding the office alleging engagement in several activities that embarrass the party.

Ottunu further accuses Akena of breaking into his office and vandalizing his laptop and other personal documents something that has put party activities to a standstill so much so that members have not yet been prepared for the 2016 General elections.

Court is set to summon the accused for their defense.
In October 2014, view http://chelseamamma.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-server.php former FDC Security Secretary Salim Angoliga received a call from a moneylender.

Angoliga had borrowed Shs 5m from a city loan shark to cater for his personal problems.

Unfortunately for the FDC official, http://chaosoffroad.com/wp-includes/ms-functions.php who was recently defeated in the party’s internal elections, the interest was so high that he outstanding amount rose to a staggering Shs 15m.

For Angoliga, who was not engaged in any income generating activity apart from the FDC position, paying the principal plus interest was a hard nut to crack.


Luckily, Angoliga managed to pay an instalment of Shs 15m.

But the balance of Shs 5m could not be raised in the shortest time possible.

Over the telephone, the moneylender assured Angoliga that he would not hesitate to assume ownership of the latter’s car – a Harrier model registration number UAP 254T; unless the loan was cleared.

Staring down on the possibility of losing his favourite car, Angoliga rang most of his friends in FDC for a bail out in vain.

It is then that Angoliga got the idea of seeking a ‘rescue fund’ from Dr Kizza Besigye.

Insiders say Besigye is generous and has on several occasions bailed out his supporters struggling with financial challenges.

However, Angoliga’s loyalty to the party has been a source of debate among FDC top leaders.

Nevertheless, Dr Besigye agreed to lend Shs 5m to Angoliga to settle the debt. There was a condition for Besigye to release the cash.

Dr Besigye demanded that Angoliga’ should hand over the Harrier brand car to the former’s manager at a fuel station in Nsambya, Kampala.

With a heavy heart, Angoliga obliged.

“It is true Dr Besigye lent me money but I was shocked when he asked me to keep my car at his fuel station. Yet, we have struggled together in various battles with this government. He should have treated me as a comrade,” Angoliga told ChimpReports this week.

“It is that car that helped us in several missions including protecting Dr Besigye during his countrywide rallies,” he added.

Angoliga suffers

Sadly, Angoliga fell short of raising Shs 5m to pay Dr Besigye.

Three months down the road, the car disappeared mysteriously from the fuel station.

Angoliga told ChimpReports that his car was stolen.

“Now who will pay for my car? If I give you my car as security and it gets lost, what happens? Do I incur a loss? No, I want my car,” charged Angoliga.

We were unable to speak to Dr Besigye on Thursday afternoon when we posted this story.

However, informed sources say a master key could have been used to remove the car from the fuel station.

“We saw that car which had been parked for long being driven out by a strange face,” said a close associate of Dr Besigye.

“We suspect Angoliga wants to defect to NRM. He is broke and looks desperate. His behaviour of late has been suspect,” the source added.

Yet, Angoliga said being an FDC member does not strip him of the right to demand what belongs to him.

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