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Top 3 Exercises To Burn Calories Easily

People often think just running alone is the best way to burn that fat in them,which is not the case,as we bring you 3 major ways you can burn your calories easily as compared to running.

Jumping Rope:

If you want a very high-intensity exercise as an alternate to running, then jumping rope is the right choice for you.

If you can pull off around 100 to 120 skips per minute, then you will be burning 13 calories in that one minute.

It is very effective if you want to lose weight and is quite useful for improving a person’s balance.

There is a great deal of hand and foot coordination that you need to maintain in order to skip in a smooth, uninterrupted flow.

Battling ropes:

Feeling in the mood to really push your body to the limits? Then try out the battling ropes.


Based on a couple of studies done at the College of New Jersey, battling ropes has proved to be the number one exercise that consumes the highest amount of oxygen.

And as we all know, the more oxygen your body needs, the more calories you can burn. On average, you will be burning around 10.3 calories in a minute while doing battling ropes.

This is arguably the easiest and most effective way to lose quite a lot of weight and flatten that belly of yours!

Fat tire Biking :

Biking is your average bicycling except,that  the bikes are huge and monstrous. They are hard to turn and require a great deal of effort to pedal.

The good side is that you can burn up to 1500 calories in an hour by riding this bike.

So imagine if you make it a habit of riding the fat tire bike every day, and burn at least 1500 calories each day.

You will have that stomach toned down and will have greatly improved endurance levels.

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