Too Late for Joint Opposition Candidate – Amuriat

Forum for Democratic Change’s (FDC) Presidential Candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat has said there is no more hope for the opposition to field a joint candidate in the forthcoming January 14, 2021 General Elections.

Addressing a rally at Sanja town, Kyotera District on Saturday; Amuriat said that while this remains desirous, time cannot permit it.

“I have heard some people saying FDC and NUP (National Unity Platform) should unite and overthrow this man. That is possible but now it is too late for us to have one candidate. That fight can happen after the elections,” he said

At this point, Amuriat advised opposition supporters not to engage in squabbles but shift focus towards guarding their votes to at least force a re-run where they will merge.

“That is where NUP, FDC, DP and the other political parties that are not NRM should unite and fight at the polling station even if he brings 100 policemen. Our target at the moment is to ensure that Museveni doesnot get 50% + 1 and then we will have one joint candidate of the opposition,” he cautioned.

Amuriat however, warned that in case polls are rigged, the opposition will have no option other than taking the bull by its horns and urged sister parties to prepare for any eventuality.

“If it is Bobi Wine going to blow that whistle, listen to that whistle. If it is Munakyalo (Villager) POA going to blow that whistle, listen to that whistle so that together we can liberate this country,” Amuriat added.

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