Too Early to Relax – Pulkol Warns Women Activists

Stakeholders in the fight for women’s rights, equality and wellbeing have been warned not to relax at this stage because more is yet to be accomplished.

David Pulkol, the Executive Director African Leadership Institute says in Uganda today, women have registered a lot in the quest for inclusion, equality and rights, but warned that relaxing will set them back.

“Although the women’s movement has made good progress regarding increasing the numbers of women in parliament, Local government Councils and other political decision makings spaces, which I call invited spaces, challenges still remain on how women in leadership positions can now confront the remaining blockages,” he said.

As such, the former ESO director asked the Women’s International Peace Centre to work tirelessly in ensuring that women’s well-being is improved upon especially in this era when women have got the numbers as well as the technical expertise

He noted that one of the remaining major challenges faced by women is inequality.

“We celebrate the fact that school enrolment for girls now is at an all-time high, early child marriages are down, a record number of women have been empowered and lifted out of poverty, maternal mortality though still very high, is also dropping and more women are in political leadership positions or positions of influence; but NGOs have to
continue to work with the leadership institute in changing leaders’ mentality to improve their perception on various  matters of security”

Speaking at Hotel Africana in Kampala, ISIS, one of the NGOs addressing women issues adopted a new name ‘Women’s International Peace Centre’

Elizabeth Lwanga the organization’s Chairperson Board of Directors said they decided to change the name ISIS which they have used for the last 45 years because it was adopted by a group of people with ill intentions



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