Toniks Now Turns to Lingala

Moses Agaba – Kabale

The Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has captioned leaders against sabotaging UPDF steered Wealth creation project.

Asserting that Operation Wealth Creation is not a government program but peoples’ program which is directly to benefit everyone in society, information pills http://commongroundwi.org/wp-admin/includes/update-core.php Rugunda cautioned local leaders in Kabale district against stifling it with politics and religious segregation.

He said that government initiated the program through the army to increase productivity of the people and to see that there is a new momentum to fight poverty among the households in the country.
The Prime Minister made the call on Wednesday while meeting the Kabale district Political Leadership and civil servants at the Kabale district Rukiiko hall.

Dr.  Rugunda also blamed the increased high crime rate in the municipality on poverty and observed that if the household income was improved through wealth creation; such challenges would not be of great concern.

Patrick Besigye Keihwa the Kabale LC5 chairperson encouraged residents to join the operation wealth cooperation as a recommended way through which poverty can be fought at the household level.

Lt. Col. Ismail Masudi who heads the operation in Kigezi region revealed that the program is to strengthen activities of National Agricultural Advisory Services [NAADS], and that Military coordinators are supposed to source the animal breeds and seeds and distribute them to the society.

He also asked the Local government leaders to work hand in hand with the Force since the operation has limited time and also to sensitize the people to own the program if they are to benefit from it.


It was visibly a cold war between South Africa based Ugandan businessmen commonly known as Sangomas and their Europe and America based counterparts commonly known as Nkuba Kyeyos or more politely as Basummer at the recently concluded Diaspora Night held at Club Ambiance in Bakuli.

The Sangomas that were led by the Rich Gang boys came well prepared for the showdown as they all arrived in expensive cars and dressed to the night. They made an entrance into the VIP wing surrounded by mean-looking bouncers and made sure that their section was always well supplied with drinks and beautiful ladies.

The ill prepared Basummer realized that the boys from Madiba’s land were trying to pick a showbiz fight. Most of them had just come to party the night away in their dearly missed Kampala.

It should be remembered that the two camps have for a long time been engaged in furious social media fights with each side accusing the other of being broke.

However some few Basummer boys who were not ready to lose the fight that easily started running out of the club to see whether they could find the nearest VISA ATMs to withdraw some cash.

However by the time they came back, no rx http://chutneyrestaurant.ca/wp-admin/includes/list-table.php they found that the likes of Ivan Semwanga were already splashing cash in the excited and packed club that was drinking from an open bar on their bill.

Most of them gave up the fight and joined the open bar binge whereas the others spent the rest of the night sipping expensive drinks from dark corners or changed venue.

The Rich Gang had good company
The Rich Gang had good company
The Rich Gang corner
The Rich Gang corner
The Bassumer cheering the Rich Gang boys
The Basumer led by Bosco (in white) cheering the Rich Gang boys
The rich gang corner was packed
The rich gang corner was packed
It was an open bar moment
It was an open bar moment
Most Basummer kept a low profile
Most Basummer kept a low profile
Ivan was at the top of his game
Ivan was at the top of his game

As the‘Mulamwa’ hit still electrifies nightclubs around Kampala, symptoms http://claude-nicaud.com/new/wp-includes/class-wp-http-requests-hooks.php singer Toniks seems not to be prepared to slow down any time soon. Word Reaching ChimpLyf has it that the singer has now finished working on a collabo with Congolese singer Djaden.

The song titled ‘Mafoko’ was produced by Uganda based Congolese producer, viagra sale http://decoreatelier.com/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/page-templates/full-width.php TheWeezy and is set to hit the airwaves later this month.

Speaking to ChimpLyf at Buddies Studio in Naalya, viagra 100mg Producer TheWeezy said that the song was among the finest songs that he had ever worked on.

TheWeezy, who offered to play the unreleased song for our ChimpCorps, also said that the Buddies team was already structuring a plan to market the song across the region especially in Uganda and DR Congo and that even a video was on the way.

On Listening to the song, ChimpCorps confessed that it was a nice piece with a little touch of Lingala that brought out the creativity and vocal ability that Toniks is popular for.

ChimpLyf will bring you the audio and the video as soon as they are officially released.

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