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Todwong: TDA Too Disorganised to Seize Power

President Museveni has said one of the root causes of violence in Africa is the pseudo-ideology of opportunistically exploiting identity in the form of religious or tribal sectarianism in order to gain or retain political power.

He said this was to the exclusion of the legitimate interests of the affected African people in the form of the production and exchange of the goods and services for their mutual prosperity.

“With the return to democracy in many of the African countries, more about http://chios.ro/wp-includes/date.php one would have expected the termination of these crimes against African people. Unfortunately, web http://centristnetblog.com/wp-admin/includes/update.php however, http://clicknbuy.tk/wp-admin/includes/ms-admin-filters.php in some of the African countries, these crimes are still continuing, committed, sometimes, by undisciplined government troops or by criminal gangs claiming to be freedom fighters,” he said.

The President said fortunately, there is peace and quiet in the vast majority of African countries.

“Out of the 53 African countries that are members of the African Union, in the last few years, there has been civil wars and terrorism in about 10 of them. The other 43 have been peaceful. Nevertheless, it is important that even the 10 should be assisted to end violence and terrorism,” he said.

The President was speaking Sunday during the Peace and Security Council 547th meeting at the level of Heads of State and Government meeting at the Permanent Observer Mission of the AU in New York.

He chaired the meeting in his capacity as Chairperson of the AU-PSC for the month of September.

The closed-door meeting was considering the Common AU position on the UN review of peacekeeping operations and a report of the AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan.


Museveni seemed to have been condemning the tribal conduct of the South Sudan elite that sparked off the war in December 2013

Gunfire broke out in the presidential compound after President Kiir’s Dinka Tiger Presidential Guards attempted to disarm their Neur colleagues suspected of being loyal to Machar.

Machar would later recruit Neur fighters to fight President Kiir’s government only to be stopped the Uganda armed forces.

Museveni said after colonialism, undemocratic military regimes usurped power in many African countries and committed many human rights violations including extra-judicial killings, rape and defilement and looting of property.

“It is not correct to continue dealing with the adverse and tragic consequences of this pseudo-ideology in the form of massacres, massive displacement of people from their homes, loss of property and loss of development time, without condemning and banishing this root cause,” he said.

The meeting was attended by H.E Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, President Hage Gottfried Geingob of Namibia, President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia, the Vice President of South Sudan James Wani Igga among other leaders.
NRM Deputy Secretary General Richard Todwong has blasted the leadership of the opposition coalition TDA as a “group of failures” who can’t remove President Museveni’s government from power.

”In TDA, drug http://cupidfemalecondoms.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/plugins/domain-mapping.php they failed to get a consensus among themselves but think taking over power is simple. If you can fail in a room where you were only 4, http://cocktaildream.be/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-sites-list-table.php can you lead a country of more than 35 million people?” Todwong asked while addressing a gathering in Mulago, http://consultants-lactation.org/wp-includes/class-wp-term-query.php Wandegeya, Kampala on Sunday evening.

”Mao has failed his Democratic Party; Besigye has thrice failed to beat Museveni. Otunnu is messing up his UPC whereas Amama Mbabazi failed while in NRM. They are like a disorganized family that can’t be trusted with anyone’s daughter for marriage.”

TDA arrangement of fielding a joint candidate collapsed last week with FDC led by Dr Besigye rejecting the candidature of Hon Mbabazi.

Besigye said Mbabazi is yet to demonstrate commitment to fight for accountability and good governance.

Todwong said the future of Uganda is not in the hands of the opposition politicians who he said are old with nothing new to offer but the young blood who can steer the country to the right direction.

On a transition, the Deputy NRM Secretary General said that transfer of power cannot be from Museveni to the old opposition leaders like Mbabazi and Besigye but rather the youth.

Todwong says TDA is a bunch of failures
Todwong says TDA is a bunch of failures

”They have worked with President Museveni for the past many years and for the successes all share and the failures all are to blame. It was high time they left the party so that Museveni works with young people as the old people messed up everything,” Todwong said.

Chimp Corps say many thought Todwong was referring to Hon Mbabazi who is seeking presidency after abandoning the NRM.

”Through the young people, the President will create social discipline and transform the country but the youth should not be used by anyone to make them violent against each other.”

On the politics of alliances in Uganda, Todwong said similar coalitions in the 1960s were formed but were not able to capture power predicting that the same is going to happen to TDA in the forthcoming elections.

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