Tips on Travelling With Friends



Over the past two years, I and over two dozen friends and colleagues in a group named Conservation Media Camp (CMC) have been on the road.

Together we’ve been on numerous trips and every time we’ve out there; every trip we’ve taken has turned out to be memorable.

So today, I’m putting down some of the tips we use to accommodate everyone’s interests and actually enjoy ourselves.

Don’t get scared of the amount of planning, management and scheduling that may come with it. Simply make sure it’s done early.

Communication is everything

In our WhatsApp group, we openly share our varying travel bucket lists and also talk about places we have visited and the ones we would love to visit again.

As we discuss, we give varied reasons to every destination and if one of us has been there, they advise us accordingly as well.

Watching zebras feed at lake Mburo NP

At the end of the day the one with the best votes wins.


Luckily enough Uganda is super blessed; if you choose a destination like Murchison Falls National Park, you could do a game drive, go for a boat cruise, hike to the top of the falls or just drive to the top of the falls and visit the locals near the park and many more.

At least every one of your friends would get something they love and longed to do.


As a big group, you must be ready for everything because you will have introverts and extroverts, and these will come with lots of conflicting interests. For example, you may have planned a campfire and some people don’t want it; then what do you do? Just make sure it’s fun enough to accommodate them.

The other situation that may occur is where you plan a whole day trek and one of your friends can’t make it midway; do you leave them behind? Or help them actually make it by cheering them on and giving them a hand? At least the latter is what we usually do, more so when it comes to activities like mountain climbing in the Rwenzoris.

Conservation Media Camp members at the Equator

In the end, you will need to be realistic and accommodative, for instance of late comers.

Always discuss the schedule with your friends a night before for the activities of the next day and if they are not comfortable with one, provide an option. For example, if some members are not interested in hiking, they could go for a cultural show from the locals.

Accommodate everyone’s travel interests

It’s very important to accommodate at least each and everyone’s travel interests so that you all go back home with fulfilling experiences to share. If a member wished to go village shopping, you can fix it in the activities to spice up their experience and if others want to sleep a little more, adjust as well accordingly because we all get tired at different levels and intervals.

It also gives the rest a chance to see the world through their friends’ eyes, ways and interests.

Take some time off and relax

When travelling with friends, take time off and catch up with each other’s lives. It’s very important to note that you all have your own stress levels and need to cool off.

Zip lining experience in Mabira Forest

Usually we get one of us to be the DJ. He or she plays music as we keep requesting for our favorite songs, chat, play cards, dance and many other things.

Enjoy yourself

When you are traveling with a group and you are the organizer, you can easily forget yourself because you are busy looking out for others.

Please remember that you are supposed to have fun too; that’s why you planned before traveling.

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