Tips On How To Practice Self Love This Valentine’s Season

As we anticipate to say bye to the never ending January , it’s yet again that time of the year when we see more of red roses, berries, bears and your favorite candy wrapped with a red ribbon.

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Hurray! The ‘month of love’ is days away and its epitome is the 14th of February when love blooms and is honored by many.

However, this particular day is not always as epic to a section of people as it is for others. It’s not about whether one is in a romantic relationship, building one or trying out the practice of self-love. It’s about how one feels on the inside.

Valentine’s day is special with candy

Many times, we are enticed into expecting lots of gifts from the people who profess to love us deeply but self-love will enable us to experience the essence of the words, gifts and love extended to us by any human being.

The idea of “refilling your vessel” reminds us that we cannot give what we don’t have. We continue to strangle our abilities to love the people around us once our self-love diminishes. You don’t expect a quarter-full gourd to overflow!  So then, what does it take to bring back that ancient spark into our lives?

One has to create an urge to satisfy themselves with good things before he/she looks out to what people can offer them. Love yourself first and you will have a million reasons to love and be loved.

Don’t wait for someone to buy you roses on Valentine’s Day, indulge yourself in the act of being your own comforter, buy those roses, tulips or petunias (whichever you may like but break monotony), get those candles with the sweetest of scents, google that cook book that has a recipe you love and treat yourself to a colorful dinner at your home.

A gift idea for your loved one

At the end of the day, you will feel a tinge of contentment in who you are and the abilities you posses and hence find space to accept love from others and in turn give love to the people who are worth it.


Do not hold on to the way you think or wish you should be because you feel you would be loved more or accepted by many, love the person that you are and long not for the heart that longs not for you.

Self-love is key and practicing it is not a duty but your sole responsibility.



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