Tips On How To Make Money After Graduation

With the recently concluded University graduations ,and those still ongoing, there is no guarantee in the job market for these fresh graduates who are also uncertain if that dream job has space for them, leave alone those who are not yet even sure of what they really want to do.

Statistics show that each year, thousands of graduates hit the streets hunting for jobs and just a small percentage chance to land in good jobs while the rest keep wondering the streets of Kampala for years and end in vain.

Well if you fall in this category, have you thought about different things you could do to get you some good money as you hunt for ‘that’ job you want?

You should maybe consider some of these;

Find small jobs online.

There are a couple of freelance sites on the Internet like the Freelancer, Fiverr ,Up work among others, that offer freelancers with all kinds of skills a chance to work for people that need their services on the Internet and get paid some good amount of money.

Teach private lessons.

You are a graduate so you clearly have knowledge in the particular field of school you have studied and you are more of an expert than someone that has not yet acquired that kind of knowledge.


You can just land in on the opportunity to teach some people a thing or two

Become a research assistant.

There is a lot of knowledge out there that different organizations, start-ups and agencies need. This normally requires them to do lots of research which they may not have time to do and could use someone’s help.

Apply for scholarships.

Study scholarships usually come with an opportunity for you to study and work as you get paid, so look out for such scholarships.

Drive Uber.  

If you have a car or access to a car, you can join uber or any of those transport applications and get yourself some money.

Serve in a restaurant.

Some people underestimate these kinds of jobs but you will be surprised to find out that most of these high end restaurants actually pay good money for just a few hours.

Whatever you do, try to step out there, and try out something. Money will not find you where you are, you should go get it as you wait for your big break!

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