Tip Swizzy Fires Manager Over Money Issues

Dancehall singer Tip Swizzy has bitterly fallen out with his manager identified as Hamza Waiswa, whom  he has since fired.

Chimp Corps reveal that Tip Swizzy developed misunderstandings Waiswa a few days back  after allegedly failing  to come to terms with the way he was remitting  money from gigs the singer usually does around the country, which was unsatisfactory.

Besides the money issue, Tip Swizzy has also been complaining  to pals about how Waiswa had fallen short of his expectations,    by failing to hitch him lucrative deals for gigs to perform at.

He claims that he was almost doing everything for himself like looking for performance gigs, booking shows, taking his music to TV and radio stations etc, yet when it came to picking dime, Waiswa would always be at the forefront.

After failing to reconcile with Waiswa, Tip Swizzy has since replaced him with city promoter Energy Kaliba  and radio star Omusawo Tintah as his managers.

Tintah and  Kaliba are currently the ones handling Tip Swizy’s deals, although their new role has left Waiswa very unhappy and he is reportedly spitting fire.

Hamza Waizwa who was fired
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