Time Up for the Corrupt – Warns Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has reechoed his earlier warning to government officials against indulging in corrupt tendencies.

At the start of his fifth term in office, buy more about which he has since declared “Kisanja Hakuna Muchezo, about it ” President vowed to among others “personally deal with corrupt government officials.”

Yesterday during a two-day cabinet retreat in Wakiso, approved president Museveni repeated the warning to ministers and other government officials against abetting corruption, which he said has become a major stumbling block to Uganda’s development.

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The president says it’s a shame that some ministers, politicians and other senior government officials solicit bribes and favors from investors, frustrating many of them into leaving the country while tarnishing our image.

“This must stop or else people will be embarrassed. You shouldn’t ask for favors from investors, asking them to pay your children’s school fees, or do this and that. If you have a problem, call a clan meeting and solve it as a family, not through corruption,” he said.

Museveni also highlighted during the meeting, the issue of negative elements infiltrating decision-making centers of government and using them to commit crimes and sabotage government programs.

Security and intelligence organs he said should stop these infiltrators.


Meanwhile, the president was concerned that Uganda has obtained but failed to utilize a number of foreign loans.

He noted for instance that the country currently has 1.8 billion worth of loans and grants from the World Bank yet only 10% of these have been utilized.

Tough action he said will be taken against those who negligently fail to utilize these funds.

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