Three Remanded Over Grabbing Museveni’s Land


The Mpigi Magistrates Court has remanded three men for allegedly grabbing part of President Museveni’s land in Gomba District.

Peter Segane, Jimmy Suuna and Kennedy Avola, who works at Mpigi District Land Office on Monday appeared before Grade One Magistrate Moreen Mukoya who read to them charges.

Segane and Suuna are alleged to have encroached on Museveni’s private land by fraudulently acquiring five titles. The disputed land is located in Katwekambwa in Kabulasoke Sub County, Gomba District. However, they denied the charges and were remanded until July 28.

The state alleges that on December 18 2014 at the Ministry of Lands in Kampala District, Ssegane, Suuna and others still at large wilfully made false statements purporting to own customary interests in land at Kabulasoke Sub County, Gomba District in their application procured registration dated December 18 2014 as properties of land comprised at block 369 Plot 5 whereas not.

Prosecution alleges that on the same day, the accused parties also procured four other different titles and that thy conspired to commit a felony to wit fraudulent procurement of certificates of title on land at Gomba.



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