Three Arrested Over Fake COVID-19 Car Sticker

Police have arrested three people for allegedly being in possession of a fake car sticker allowing them to travel during the lockdown over coronavirus.

The trio, who include Stephen Makanga, Ibrahim Bukenya, and Herbert Lukwago were arrested during an operation on Jinja Road in Kampala on Tuesday.

The trio was travelling in a Toyota Premio registration number, UAX 655W.

Asked where they got the sticker from, the suspects claimed to be builders, adding that they acquired the controversial sticker from their boss, whom they declined to name.

Following the announcement of the ban on all private and public transport means, government announced that a few members of the public dealing in essential services to the country would be given special movement stickers to put on their vehicles.

President Museveni said security officers, medical personnel, journalists, those working in financial institutions and ambulances would be issued with movement stickers by the Ministry of Works and Transport.

The Minister for Works, Gen.Edward Katumba Wamala recently said the movement stickers operate only in Kampala and Wakiso and whoever is found with them outside the two districts is liable for arrest by security.

The stickers also don’t allow movement during curfew time.


However, following the announcement, a number of people have since printed their own stickers and put them on vehicles to ease their movement.


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