Those who Brand People ‘Moles’ are Enemies of Struggle – Kyagulanyi

Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, the leader of the People Power Movement and president of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party has rubbished allegations that some of his senior members are moles, working for the ruling NRM government as spies.

This comes after a photo of his Executive Secretary David Lewis Rubongoya with President Museveni circulated on social media with people citing “another mole” in the People Power Movement.

It has since been revealed that Rubongoya has close family members working in the State House and as such, the photo moment can be justified.

“Anyone who brands people moles because they have left the dictator and joined the forces of change is an enemy of the struggle,” Kyagulanyi said.

Kyagulanyi added that such branding will ultimately discourage other members who are still working in the regime but would love to join them.

“When I met our Executive Secretary, comrade David Lewis Rubongoya in 2016, he was an NRM supporter who disagreed with many things in the party but like many people he remained there,” he noted adding “when you are betrayed by someone you hold in high regard, the effect is felt even much more.”

Quoting his own brother Fred Nyanzi, whom he said was a staunch cadre of NRM, Kyagulanyi said,
“friends, we came together as a generation to build a new country. When we see each other, we do not look at tribe, religion, gender, age and previous political affiliations.”

He added that even the Deputy Executive Secretary, Aishah Kabanda is a previous Resident District Commissioner but has played a vital role in both the party and the movement.


“When I first interacted with her, some people cautioned me not to trust her or bring her close but see what incredible work she is doing for the forces of change,” he noted.

He discouraged People Power and NUP party members from involving in politics based on tribal sentiments since the two (PP and NUP) are a collection of people from various backgrounds.

“The comrades who have been at the helm of People Power for the past three years come from different tribes, religions and political affiliations. Our movement was and continues to be shaped by Ugandans who felt oppressed, suppressed and exploited regardless of who they are and where they come from,” Kyagulanyi further explained.

This is not the first time for members in the People Power movement to be branded moles. Ashburg Kato, one of the founders of the online Ghetto TV was branded a mole last year, which he denied but a few months after, he defected to the ruling National Resistance Movement party.


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