Those Against My Mayoral Bid don’t Understand Democracy, Nabilah Lashes at Critics

The outgoing Kampala Woman Member of Parliament Nabilah Naggayi Sempala has lashed at critics who have expressed discomfort with her decision to run for the Kampala Lord Mayor post in the 2021 polls.

It is understood that Nabilah has been heavily criticized by some opposition actors for trying to oust the incumbent Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, who many argue, has the interests of the downtrodden at heart.

However, during an interview with a local radio station, Nabilah said many of those attacking her, majority of whom are opposition supporters, simply do not understand Multi Party Democracy.

“I think people don’t understand democracy, nobody was created for a specific post,” she intimated.

Nabilah argued that it would be grossly unfair for opposition to purport fighting President Yoweri Museven’si long stay in power while they are ring-fencing positions for their own long serving leaders.

“We are saying that Museveni has overstayed but the same people who say they want to restore democracy are the same people saying this post is untouchable,” she vented.

“How different are they from those saying Museveni Paka last? When someone says this post must be occupied by that person, for someone who needs change, how different are you?” Nabilah posed.

Therefore, she said, Ugandans must be careful with such actors, “If at all these people occupy the presidency, they might be worse than the NRM.”


Commenting on whether she is not afraid to lose, Nabilah retorted that “such talk” has no basis and that there is no way one can conclude that she is going to lose when it hasn’t happened before. She also noted that she is skeptical about the idea of negotiations with contenders after a loss or a win.

“What has happened in the past teaches us what is going to happen in the future. Most people talk and speak about negotiating over these positions but this has never happened in the opposition. You remember TDA, IPC where did it all end,” Nabilah elaborated.

Nabilah promised to fix Kampala’s crippling Traffic Jam through dialoguing with the responsible authorities when she is elected.

“Can’t I ask the Hon Minister, together with my director of Physical Planning and the Executive Director to organize a meeting with the Ministry of Transport on what needs to be done?” she pondered.

That said, Nabilah promised to solve the issue of recurrent flooding through resuscitating Parish Committees and encouraging community work.

“Kampala has committees of about 200 people from LC I up to LC 2, those people are a great resource in solving such problems. There are parish development committees that no longer work,” she interjected.

Nabilah’s decision to run for Lord Mayor has caused great unease within the National Unity Platform (NUP) prompting Betty Nambooze and Allan Sewanyana to publicly disapprove her bid.


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