This is the Most Important Election Since 1980, Says Tumukunde After Nomination

Former Security Minister Gen Henry Tumukunde has appealed to Ugandans to turn up in large numbers to participate in next year’s general election.

Tumukunde made the call shortly after he was nominated by the electoral commission to contest for President.

Speaking thereafter, the former minister sought to stress the importance of the coming election and why Ugandans need to take it seriously.

“This is the most important election in my whole life since 1980,” he said.

“And I would want that the 17.9million Ugandans, as Americans have done and has British did during Brexit, should turn up and vote for this important election.”

The venue was fumigated to prevent the spread of Coronavirus

Tumukunde also appealed to fellow opposition candidates during their campaigns, to encourage Ugandans to turn up for the election.

Earlier on, Tumukunde’s nomination suffered a setback and was halted by the commission because of an anomaly in his papers.

He was found have lacked the signature of the Commissioner of Oaths, which he was asked to rectify.


After the rectification, Tumukunde was given a clock as his symbol.

Security force prepares to secure Tumukunde during the campaigns

The Electoral Commission Chairman Justice Simon Byabakama then officially declared Tumukunde a presidential candidate.

“We have verified the paperwork of Tumukunde Henry Kakurugu. I Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon being the Returning Officer for nomination of presidential aspirants do hereby declare Henry Tumukunde Kakurugu a duly nominated presidential candidate having fulfilled all the requirements of Presidential Elections Act 2015 as amended,” said Byabakama.

Tumukunde addressing the media after being nominated

Byabakama tasked Tumukunde to share his campaign program with the Electoral Commission and sign a memorandum of understanding with the EC on harmonization of his program.

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